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James Harris on Young Talent & More

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Assistant GM of the Cleveland Guardians, James Harris, joined Ray. The conversation began discussing the gratification of seeing the young talent succeed.

In a contentious meeting that the Akron Beacon Journal described as a “racially tinged public display of dysfunction,” the Akron City Council missed the deadline to name their nominees for the new Citizen’s Police Oversight Board.

In a meeting that lasted 5 hours, running from 7 p.m. to midnight, the council voted 6 times, each time failing to secure the 9 votes needed to approve their list of nominees. 

As laid out in the Issue 10 charter, the legislation that established the guidelines for the new police oversight board, city council needed a supermajority to approve their list of candidates. But time and time again, the same 4 council members held firm in their opposition to the nominees.

One nominee in particular gave council members pause, Imokhai Okolo, a 27-year-old black attorney from Ward 3. While council members offered varying reasons as to their opposition, a Facebook post by Okolo was certainly one point of contention. 

In the post Okolo reportedly referred to police officers as “pigs.” When addressing the board Okolo defended himself noting that the post in question was made during the height of the Jayland Walker protests and came from a place of anger. Okolo added that, “One social media post does not define who I am as an individual.”

At-Large Councilman Jeff Fusco had other reasons for not supporting Okolo’s nomination, telling the Beacon Journal that he had made a commitment to private citizens that he would not support Okolo. When asked directly by a reporter, Fusco revealed that the citizen he had made that commitment to was head of the Akron police union Clay Cozart. 

Many council members stood firm in their support of Okolo’s nomination claiming that, as a young black man, his perspective on the board is needed, with Ward 1 Councilwoman Nancy Holland saying that Okolo “holds a view and a range of experiences and an identity in this community that makes his voice not only relevant but deeply, deeply significant to the task at hand.”

As activists and citizens waited in council chambers through closed door meetings, multiple discussions, and multiple votes, the day came to an end with no decision made. As the clock struck midnight, the council missed the stated deadline of Monday the 27th to name their nominees. Now the way forward is unclear.

As reported by Ideastream Public Media council President Margo Sommerville said "If this body cannot come together to make a decision, then yes, we are in contempt. What does that mean? We don't know, and we got to find that out, and we'll let you know when we know."

To read more, including the events that led to Monday’s contested council meeting visit The Akron Beacon Journal.

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East Palestine Train Derailment: Update

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Ohio Governor Mike DeWine released an update on the latest developments on the catastrophic February 3rd train derailment in East Palestine, yesterday.

Some of the high points include that private contractors have been using a process known as "sediment washing", to remove contaminants from two nearby creeks.

In addition, he says Norfolk Southern Railway resumed the removal of contaminated soil and liquid from the crash site, after the US EPA approved a couple of incineration and waste disposal facilities in Ohio and Indiana.
Other details included in the update, which you can read in its entirety by clicking here, include word that a second round of water testing in private wells showed some trace levels of contamination, but not enough to be harmful, and that the EPA air testing inside 578 homes, also failed to turn up evidence of harmful contamination.
If you would like to keep up with daily updates on the train derailment and what is being done to help residents in the East Palestine area, follow this link to the Ohio Emergency Management Agency website. 

Researchers at the Cleveland Clinic say they have found a link between erythritol, a popular artificial sweetener, and increased risk of heart attack and stroke.

The reason, they say, is that the substance which is found in many "zero sugar", keto, and other products marketed to help people avoid sugar, actually makes it more likely for them to suffer blood clots.

The Senior author on that study of 4 thousand people in the US and Euror, Dr. Stanley Hazen, says “It is important that further safety studies are conducted to examine the long-term effects of artificial sweeteners in general, and erythritol specifically, on risks for heart attack and stroke, particularly in people at higher risk for cardiovascular disease.”

As a result,  researchers say the best advice is to talk to your doctor or a certified dietician to learn more about healthy food choices, and for personalized recommendations. 

For more details on the study, click here.


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Mark Greer: Candidate for Mayor of Akron

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Mark Greer, candidate for Akron Mayor, Akron native, and Coordinator of Great Streets Akron, joined Ray. They discussed Mark's goals, experience, and run for the position.

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Nick Sandlin Looks Back at Last Season

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Nick Sandlin, relief pitcher for the Cleveland Guardians, joined Ray. Their conversation begins with Sandlin looking back at last year. 

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Two Homicides In Akron Over Weekend

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Akron police are investigating two murders from over the weekend.

On Saturday, 31 year old William Hackney of Akron, was found with gunshot wounds in a vehicle parked in front of a residence the 700 block of Dunbar Drive, near downtown.

The other victim, 24 year old Akron resident, Tha So, was found sitting in a car in a driveway in the 700 block of Dayton Street, on North Hill. He was still alive when police found him, but he died later at the hospital.

The Summit Count Medical Examiner's Office lists the cause of death for both men is gunshot wounds, and they have officially classified both as homicides.

*This story was updated at 6:37PM.




The 32-year old woman who crashed her car into a home in Green and killed a sleeping man has been charged with aggravated vehicular homicide and driving while intoxicated.

Fox 8 News reports that last Sunday around 2:30 am, Hallie Maczko of Green was driving down Mayfair Road when she crossed the center line and crashed her car into 69-year-old Robert Shull’s bedroom. Shull, who was sleeping at the time, was pinned under the vehicle and pronounced dead an hour later.  

Maczko has been arrested and booked in Summit County Jail.

Cleveland Breweries take care of each other. At least that’s the case with Saucy Brew Works. reports that Saucy Brew Works is offering a free daily meal and beer to workers who were recently laid off from Platform Beer Company in Cleveland. Saucy Brew Works is located on Detroit Ave. less than a mile from Platform's former taproom, which permanently closed last week.

Saucy Brew Works also encouraged former Platform employees to apply at Saucy which has multiple locations throughout Ohio. The free meal and beer offer for former Platform employees will run through all of March.

Centerfielder for the Cleveland Guardians, Myles Straw, joined Ray. The conversation begins with Myles reflecting on the many debuts last season. 

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