Authorities say the fire last October that destroyed Pavona's Pizza and Mickey's Pub on Sand Run Road was the result of arson.

The restaurant, which recently relocated to Cuyahoga Falls, is co-owned by Mark Mickey who authorities say torched his own establishment

Akron Beacon Journal reports that police filed an affidavit filed by Akron Police, Mickey “did knowingly with intention create an incendiary fire, directly causing the complete and total loss of Pavona's Pizza and Mickey's Pub."

Mickey is charged with one count of fourth-degree felony arson, and has been ordered to appear tomorrow on the charges in Akron Municipal Court.

69 year old Robert D. Shull was sleeping in his own bed at home, in the 2500 block of Barth Drive, in the City of Green, early yesterday (Sunday morning) when he got struck and killed by a car that crashed into the back of his house.

The Summit County Sheriff's office issued a release saying they believe the 32 year old woman who lost control of her car on Mayfair Road was not wearing a seatbelt, and may have been under the influence. The crash occurred at about 2:40AM, near Raber Road, where the back of the victim's home faces Mayfair Road.

The woman was injured and taken to the hospital, and no charges have been filed at this time.

Officers in Parma have arrested four men they believe to be involved in a slew of car dealership break-ins and luxury car thefts that have recently plagued Northeast, Ohio, including here in Akron.

Channel 19 reports that Saturday night a Parma officer spotted a stolen Dodge Durango Hellcat that was suspected to be involved in the recent break-ins and attempted a traffic stop. The car fled and after a short chase and calling in reinforcements, officers found the car parked on the shoulder of I-480 east near exit 20B.

When officers approached the vehicle, police say 3 men fled the car on foot into a wooded area near the highway. Parma police were assisted by multiple police units in the surrounding area who set up a perimeter and the Ohio State Highway Patrol which deployed a helicopter to help search for the suspects.

One suspect was found by Parma police in a wooded ravine and arrested without incident. Officers noticed a Ford Crown Victoria in the same area and arrested the 3 occupants in that vehicle which included the other 2 suspects that fled from the Durango. The suspects were taken to Parma Jail.

The suspects have not been named but all of them are from the City of Cleveland. The case remains under investigation. 

Gas prices fell in Akron by a little more than 17 cents last week; now averaging $3.21 per gallon. Nationwide; the average is unchanged, at $3.37. reports that's because the price of gas hasn't declined in all states, as a result of refinery challenges, and the transition to summer gasoline in some areas.

But, they say, for disel; the outlook remains bright with prices continuing to fall.

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Monday, 20 February 2023 07:36

National School Bus Driver Shortage

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There is a national school bus driver shortage. Bill Andexler, Akron Public School's Transportation Coordinator, joined Ray to discuss the shortage, the local need for drivers, and more.

Mark Dawidziak wrote a biography of Edgar Allan Poe that examines his life through the lens of his mysterious death. Mark joined Ray to talk about the book, 'A Mystery of Mysteries: The Death and Life of Edgar Allan Poe', how it came to be, and the mysteries within. 

Friday, 17 February 2023 07:35

Doomsday Glacier, Global Warming, & More

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Sea levels are on the rise and Antarctica's Doomsday Glacier could add to the issue. Dr. Scott Sheridan, Department of Geography, Center for Ecology and Natural Resource Sustainability at Kent State University, joined Ray. They talked about the Doomsday Glacier, rising sea levels, global warming, and more. 

As the use of Artificial Intelligence increases; the race is on for humans to redefine themselves and their professional expertise.

That's the word from author, organizational Psychologist, and Artificial Intelligence expert, Dr. Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic, and the topic of his new book, "I, Human: AI, Automation, and the Quest to Reclaim What Makes Us Unique".

This topic took on increasing urgency this week, as journalists from the New York Times and Washington Post testing Microsoft's new AI-powered BING search, and Google's new "BARD" AI-powered search, discovered both glaring innacuracies, and experienced bizarre, even frightening interactions. 

But that's just the tip of the iceberg. What happens when AI can replace people in jobs that at least so far, have been immune to automation, like doctors, lawyers, journalists, and other "knowledge workers"? How will people still be able to make a living? What will happen to our economy? What happens to the very fabric of our society?

Listen now, to find out what we can do to stay relevant, keep our jobs, fight misinformation, and generally reclaim all that we are absolutely about to lose, in the age of ever more powerful and ubiquitous A-I.

tomas chamorro premuzik

Dr. Tomas Chamorro-Premuzik

Friday, 17 February 2023 08:15

Film School: Planet of the Apes

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Film Study Professor, Joe Fortunato, joins Ray every Friday for Film School. This week Ray and Joe discussed the 1968 Sci-Fi film, Planet of the Apes.

Monday, 20 February 2023 05:10

Black History Profile: Booker T. Washington

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February is Black History Month. Monday-Friday, Ray features profiles of those who helped make America great for everyone. Today's profile features Booker T. Washington.

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