A private ambulance service that has been working in conjunction with Akron Fire for years, taking people to the hospital for non-critical, but still important medical needs; now wants millions of dollars from the city to do the same work they've been doing for no charge.

That, Akron Fire Chief, Joe Natko tells us, is a non-starter for the City, which simply can't afford to pay American Medical Response (AMR), which normally gets paid only through patients' insurance, or the patients themselves.

But now that there is a new federal law blocking so called "surprise" medical billing; AMR and other private ambulance companies say they can't afford to do it anymore without the city covering their costs.

So, what's next? Will 9-1-1 service be impacted?  

Find out. Listen now, as Jeanne Destro talks to Akron Fire Chief, Joe Natko.

Monday, 03 April 2023 09:45

Toys for Tots Donates to East Palestine

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As the cleanup from February’s toxic train derailment in East Palestine continues, the Marine’s Toys for Tots Foundation is looking out for the town's kids.

News 5 reports that around $40,000 in toys were donated to East Palestine kids and distributed on Saturday. This after parents raised concerns about the potential contamination of their children’s toys following the controlled burn of hazardous chemicals at the derailment site.

Sandy Wales of East Palestine Social Concerns added that there were enough toys donated that every child was able to receive 3, with some toys still leftover.

Monday, 03 April 2023 08:24

Akron Urban League Hosting Mayoral Forum

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Akron Urban League's President and CEO, Teresa LeGrair, and Executive Vice President for Diversity, Education, and Engagement, Jennifer Ross, joined Jeanne Destro on the Ray Horner Morning Show. There is a Mayoral Forum coming up on April 6th. They discussed the issues facing the community and addressing them on the 6th.

The federal government's efforts to protect US citizens' sensitive data took on new urgency this week, as the Washington Post reported that the phones of more more than 50 top level government officials had been infected with sophisticated spyware.

Also this week, President Biden issued an executive order banning US government agencies from using spyware that is deemed a threat to US national security or is implicated in human rights abuses.

In addition, a bipartisan effort is underway in Congress that would give the federal government the power to ban foreign made hardware and software deemed to be a threat to national security, including (but not limited to) the popular Chinese-owned social media app, TikTok.

But, why is TikTok being singled out for such intense scrutiny? Don't all mobile apps do the same thing? Shouldn't we all be concerned about the spies we carry around in our pockets?

We talked about it with Computer Information Systems Professor, and Cybersecurity expert, Dr. John Nicholas, from the University of Akron.


Dr. John NIcholas, University of Akron

Friday, 31 March 2023 08:15

Film School: Beetlejuice

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Jeanne Destro is in for Ray this week. Film Study Professor, Joe Fortunato, joins the show every Friday for Film School. Joe and Jeanne talked about the 1988 Fantasy Comedy, Beetlejuice. 

Friday, 31 March 2023 07:54

Golf Tips: Putting & Greens

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Golf Pro, Dan Dauk, joins Ray every Friday with tips and info for golfers. Today, Nick, who's helping fill in for Ray, talked with Dan about putting and the speed of the greens. 

Golf Pro, Dan Dauk, joins Ray every Friday to talk about local golf courses. This week, Dan took a look at Raintree Golf & Event Center in Uniontown.
Friday, 31 March 2023 07:14

Trump Indicted by NY Grand Jury

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Former President Donald Trump has been indicted by the New York Grand Jury. Dr. David Beer, Professor of Political Science at Malone University, joined Jeanne Destro to talk about it. 

Thursday, 30 March 2023 08:22

Mayor Horrigan Update on Akron

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The Mayor of Akron, Dan Horrigan, joined Jeanne Destro, who is in for Ray Horner this week. They talked about the pending decision of the Grand Jury on the Jayland Walker case, the police oversight board, new parking meters downtown, and more. 


Akron Community leaders and representatives from the Akron police department will gather at New Hope Baptist Church tonight for a community conversation. This as the city prepares for a grand jury to begin its review of evidence in the police shooting death of Jayland Walker.

Topics of discussions tonight will include how the grand jury works, how the Akron Police Department conducts its use of force investigations and how citizens can safely assemble

The emphasis from multiple organizations participating, including 100 Black Men and Love Akron, is to allow citizens to assemble and express themselves in a peaceful manner. 

Kemp Boyd the director of Love Akron tells News 5 that they encourage peaceful disobedience, saying, “There's a way to go about proving your point and remain peaceful at the same time.”

Tonight’s conversation will take place at 6:30 pm at the New Hope Baptist Church on S. Hawkins Ave. in Akron.

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