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Hey Bobby! - 9/1/2021

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Time now for Hey Bobby!, a weekly Cleveland Indians segment with VP Bob DiBiasio and WAKR's Ray Horner.

Today, Bobby and Ray talked about the impact of Frank Robinson on the team and baseball in general, what it's like to visit the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, and how Terry Francona has been.

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The Delta variant has taken over as the dominant strain of COVID-19 in America today, and it has proven to be much more transmissible.

Dr. Hazel Barton is a microbiologist at the University of Akron, and she joined the Ray Horner Morning Show to talk about all things Delta. Because of how contagious this particular variant is, she remains steadfast in warning folks to avoid larger gatherings such as Labor Day cookouts, and to continue wearing masks when social distancing is not possible. Dr. Barton also looks at how children seem to be contracting this strain easier and more often than the original alpha version of COVID-19 from 2020.

As with every holiday the last 18 months, there is a concern among everyone in the healthcare and public health industries about the spread of COVID-19 during gatherings. Many Americans plan to get together this weekend for Labor Day, as it signifies the end of summer. Donna Skoda is the commissioner of the Summit County Health Department, and she urged caution about those Labor Day gatherings on the Ray Horner Morning Show. If those plan on having a Labor Day outing, she recommends having it outdoors with everyone wearing masks. The topic of booster shots is on the minds of many, and Skoda also touched on what she knows about that third jab. From what she and other health officials know at this time, the booster should be available eight months after one received their shots, and those wanting the booster should wait for that full eight month threshold to approach.

Since the Delta variant took over as the dominant strain, increases in cases and hospitalizations have happened across the board locally and nationally.

Dr. Cliff Deveny is the president and CEO of Summa Health Systems, and he joined the Ray Horner Morning Show to look at the current numbers and how it continues to put a stress on the healthcare industry. Dr. Deveny says they are seeing numbers comparable to the peak months of December and January, and he points to the lack of vaccination numbers with some folks, along with the strength of this Delta variant for why it rages on.

After September 20th, a third booster shot will be available and have the possibility of staving off future variants and mutations, according to Dr. Deveny.

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U.S. Marshals: Missing Teens Believed to be in Akron

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U.S. Marshals are asking the public's help finding three missing Akron-area teens.

The search for the three girls started as a part of Operation Safe Space earlier in August.

MIssing 1

First, 15-year-old Zamaria Hill has been missing out of Barberton sicne January 14th.

Missing 2

Fourteen-year-old Cyncere Franklin was last seen more recently, August 3rd, near Copley Road in Akron.

Missing 3

The third case, 15-year-old Sarah Jo Clark, also hasn't been seen since August 3rd in Brunswick. While none of the teens are connected, Marshals believe that all three are likely in or around the Akron area.

Anyone with information is asked to call Akron Police or the U.S. Marshals Service.

Normally, Akron mayor Dan Horrigan joins the Ray Horner Morning Show each Thursday at 7:10, but he had to adjust his schedule and call into the program on Friday.

Today, Horrigan talked more about the spread of the Delta variant throughout the Akron community. According to Horrigan, the local hospitals are not being overwhelmed right now, though most hospitalized are the unvaccinated. As for quality-of-life events at Hardesty Park or Lock 3, the mayor says the city continues to follow local health department and CDC protocol with masking and social distancing.

Switching gears, Horrigan shared his thoughts on the city taking over the managing operations at Firestone Stadium, after 22 years being run by Joey Arrietta and the Racers Foundation.

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This Week in Tech with Jeanne Destro-8-27-21: Digital Kids Featured

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This week, as millions of kids nationwide start a new school year; we're talking to education expert and author, Richard Culatta, about his new book, "Digital For Good: Raising Kids to Thrive in an Online World."


This past Thursday, the South Summit Water Rescue Team took to the Portage Lakes for a live-action, mass casualty training event. 

IMG 9774

Roughly 100 members of the New Franklin Fire Department, Green Fire, Coventry Fire, Akron Fire, Twinsburg Fire, and other agencies were on hand for the "all hands on deck" rescue training. Eight civilian volunteers were there as well, playing "victims" of a two-vehicle crash on the lake. 

As a member of the media, I was able to witness the training firsthand, as first responders were deployed to a real-time call of an capsized water vechile with multiple casualties in the water. It was impressive to see the coordinated and highly organized response right from the beach, as teams were deployed on their department's vessels to the middle of the lake where the staged crash had occurred. 

New Franklin Fire Lieutenant Don Burroughs told me this is the first training event like this for the full team. 

This year there have been two drownings at the State Park, including most recently an 11-year-old boy from Tallmadge who was pulled from the water earlier this month. 

Thursday's event, while primarily for training purposes, also serves as a teachable moment for the community. Local officials are stressing the importance of boat, kayak, and other water safety for everyone who takes to the water. 

The Ohio Department of Natural Resources has an updated list of boating and water safety here.  


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Bases & Balls with Jim Rosenhaus - 8/27/2021

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Time now for Bases & Balls, a weekly segment with WAKR's Ray Horner and Tribe broadcaster Jim Rosenhaus!

Today, Rosey and Ray chat about what the starting rotation may look like in 2022 if everyone is healthy, the impact of role players, and the closer position

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Attorney Tony Tsarouhas on Property Liability Laws

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The family of a Michigan woman who was struck by an object flying off Cedar Point's Top Thrill Dragster is "fighting for her life." There is a lot of blame going around, whether the fingers are pointed at the amusement park or on the inspectors.

Tony Tsarouhas is an attorney in Northeast Ohio, and he joined the Ray Horner Morning Show to talk about liability, especially in the case of Cedar Point, where signs are posted about park goers can ride at their own risk. Cedar Point claims they followed the proper protocols as far as the law is concerned with their bi-yearly thorough inspections. Tsarouhas discussed where blame can be placed legally in cases not only as with Cedar Point, but with property rights in general.

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