ODOT has announced plans to invest a record 2.5 billion dollars in over 1,000 projects during the 2023 construction season. Much of the funds supporting these projects comes from money allocated to Ohio as a part of the federal Infrastructure and Jobs Act.

News 5 reports that this year’s construction will include 31 new projects that are considered “major” with a value above $10 million.

Some projects planned for Summit County include the reconstruction of Akron’s Beltway, a $161 million dollar project set to begin in June. And replacing the Route 8 Bridge over the Cuyahoga River Valley. That project is set to begin in July.

And while many new projects are slated, maintaining roadways is also a priority with about 95 cents of every dollar going toward preserving existing roads and bridges.

Wednesday, 15 March 2023 09:47

Bally Sports Parent Company Files for Bankruptcy

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Diamond Sports Groups, the parent company of Bally Sports, and the largest owner of regional sports networks is filing for bankruptcy. 

Bally Sports owns the broadcast rights to 42 professional sports teams, including the Cleveland Guardians. Fox 8 News reports that as a part of its bankruptcy proceedings Bally Sports is set to reject the contracts of 4 teams including the Guardians, the Cincinnati Reds, the Arizona Diamondbacks and the San Diego Padres.

The MLB has announced that if that happens they will air games locally on the MLB Network and make them available to stream on MLB.TV

Drooling. Lethargy. Upper respiratory issues. Anorexia.

Those are some of the symptoms suffered by a dog, and some stray cats that died near the toxic train derailment site recently in East Palestine.

But, was it because of the chemicals? That's what investigators from the Ohio Department of Agriculture are trying to find out now.

So far, testing for chemical toxicity on other dead animals there has come up negative.

Water testing in private wells in that area continues as well, with the Ohio Department of Health reporting no harmful levels of contaminants on the 179 private systems they've sampled so far.

In addition, independent contractors are continuing high-pressure washing in underground culverts off of Sulphur Run, an effort to remove contaminated sediment that is causing the air to smell bad in some area homes and businesses.

With regard to hazardous waste removal, the Ohio EPA reports approximately 6.3 million gallons of liquid wastewater have been hauled out of East Palestine in total, and that there is currently a pile of approximately 27,700 tons of excavated soil waiting for removal, versus 3,200 tons that have been removed.

For a more information, click here to read the latest update from the Ohio Emergency Management Agency.

The State of Ohio is suing Norfolk Southern Railway in federal court, alleging the company was negligent, and that it broke both state and federal environmental laws when its train derailed and spilled toxic chemicals into the air and water last month in East Palestine.

The 58-count civil lawsuit cites the company's accident rate, which has risen 80 percent in the past ten years, and seeks to hold them financially responsible for "recklessly endangering" both the health of area residents, and Ohio's natural resources.

The suit, which was filed by Ohio Attorney General, Dave Yost, claims the derailment was entirely avoidable and the direct result of Norfolk Southern’s practice of "putting its own profits above the health, safety and welfare of the communities in which Norfolk Southern operates."

In addition, the suit claims that toxic chemicals released from at least 39 rail cars have made their way into Sulfur Run, Leslie Run, Bull Creek, North Fork Little Beaver Creek, Little Beaver Creek, the Ohio River and/or some still-unknown Ohio waterways.

It also says the derailment “has caused substantial damage to the regional economy of the state of Ohio, its citizens and its businesses", and notes that citizens of the region have been displaced, their lives interrupted, and their businesses shuttered.

As a result, the suit claims that the State of Ohio is entitled to recover the lost taxes and other economic losses it has suffered, and seeks injunctive relief, civil penalties, costs, damages, and court costs.

Wednesday, 15 March 2023 07:40

America (band) Coming to Canton

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Dewey Bunnell, member of the band, America, joined Ray. America will be at the Canton Palace Theater on March 16th. Dewey talked to Ray about the show, his career, and more. 

Wednesday, 15 March 2023 07:35

Hoban Knights in State Finals

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Archbishop Hoban Boys Basketball Team are in the State Finals this weekend. Coach TK Griffith joined Ray to talk about the team, upcoming game, and more.

They're talking chickens in Cuyahoga Falls, specifically; whether or not people who live in single-family residential districts ought to be allowed to have them.
Next, the City's Planning Commission will discuss whether or not their General Development Code should be ammended to allow  chickens, which are now only permitted in National Park and Rural Residential Districts, to "fly the coop", and land in single family residential  districts as well.

If you'd like to put in your two-cents worth on the topic, they're inviting public comment at the Planning Commission meeting, which is set for 6PM, March 21st, at the Cuyahoga Falls Natatorium.

New details are emerging this morning about Friday's grisly and mysterious triple murder in Summit County.

The suspect, 58-year-old Elias Gudino of Copley was arrested last week in connection with the murders of two men in Akron, and one man in Copley. One of the charges brought against him was "Attempted Aggravated murder.”

Now, News 5 reports that there was actually a fourth victim, who, like the others, had been bound, gagged, and shot in the head, but he survived.

Meanwhile, the three other victims have been identified and it's been reported that all three men were from Youngstown.

The two men found in Akron were identified as 25-year-old Inmer Reyes, and 31-year-old Victor Varela-Rodriguez. The man found in Copley was identified as 35-year-old Domingo Castillo-Reyes. 

Both the Akron and Copley police departments are currently investigating the murders.

The massive failure of Silicon Valley Bank is not only sending shock waves through the tech industry, but also through the entire US Banking industry, and it has the potential to disrupt the entire US economy.

In fact, two other banks failed last week as well. Could it be a trend?

That's why federal regulators took swift action to limit the damage yesterday, and why President Biden assured the nation that banks are safe, and our economy remains strong.

But, how and why did this happen, and what can we do to protect our banks, our money, and our economy from meltdowns like this in future?

Listen now, for our discussion with Kent State University Finance Professor, David Pelleg.

Tuesday, 14 March 2023 08:16

Domestic Terror Groups in Ohio

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Dr. Karl Kaltenthaler is a Professor of Political Science at the University of Akron with expertise in security policy, political violence, political psychology, terrorism, xenophobia, and more. He joined Ray to talk about Domestic Terror throughout the country and right here in Ohio. 

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