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Paul Dolan Talks Renovations, Vogt, & More

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Guardians Owner, Paul Dolan, joined Ray on the Ray Horner Morning Show. They discussed the Renovations of Progressive Field, the transition from Tito to Vogt, and more. 

Friday, 05 April 2024 08:37

Film School: DUNE (1984)

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Film Study Professor Joe Fortunato joins the Ray Horner Morning Show every Friday to discuss classic films. This week, Jeanne Destro filled in for Ray. She and Joe went back to 1984 to discuss the film, DUNE.

Friday, 05 April 2024 08:31

Spring Golf

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Golf Pro, Dan Dauk, joins Ray every Friday with tips and info for golfers. Nick Hershey stepped in for Ray this week and talked with Dan about the difficulties Spring brings to the game.

Friday, 05 April 2024 08:30

Boulder Creek Golf Club

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Golf Pro, Dan Dauk, joins Ray every Friday to talk about local golf courses. This week Nick Hershey stepped in for Ray and Dan talked about Boulder Creek Golf Club. 


Dr. Roseann “Chic” Canfora was an eyewitness on May 4, 1970, and her late brother, Alan, was one of the students wounded when Ohio National Guardsmen opened fire on students demonstrating against the war in Vietnam.

Canfora is currently a Professional in Residence, and Assistant Professor of Journalism at Kent State, where she also chairs the May 4 Presidential Advisory Committee and the May 4 Commemoration Committee.

Listen now, as she talks with Jeanne Destro, about how the University is gearing up for their annual May 4 remembrance, and what she is doing to help today's students understand and relate to the tragic lessons learned when four students were shot, and nine were wounded, on May 4, 1970.


roseann chic canfora 3

Dr. Roseann "Chic" Canfora, Kent State University

*Story written by Steffany Murdock, and Jeanne Destro

The Student Athlete of the Week segment is powered by NECA-IBEW and Akron Children’s Hospital. 

This week's athletes are from Manchester High School. 

Sophomore Cassidy Perry is a three-sport athlete at Manchester High School. Cassidy plays tennis in the fall, basketball in the winter, and really excels at softball. Last season as a freshman, Cass broke the single season homerun record and was named First Team PAC-7. This year she is off to a hot start at the plate with a .625 batting average and scoring four runs in three games. She also excels in the classroom with all A's and B's this school year.
Junior Blaise Donatelli is a three-sport athlete at Manchester. He plays football, basketball, and is currently running track. Blaise works extremely hard in the weight room in his limited free time, and has gotten all A's and B's this school year. In their only track meet of the season, Blaise finished in first place in the 100 and 200 against a really talented Fairless team. He is an extremely tough Manchester athlete that leads by example and will play a big role in all three sports next year for his senior season.

Organizers of the upcoming Highland Square Film Festival on May 18th at the Highland Square Theater in Akron are hoping to "whip" up a little Akron rock nostalgia, with films created by the iconic 70's New Wave band.

Author, David Giffels, who will be a featured speaker at the event, will reflect on the band's early days in Akron and Kent, and on the films they made before hitting it big on the pop charts in 1980, with "Whip It". 

Giffels, along with co-author, Jade Dellinger, has written two books about the band; 2008's "We Are Devo! Are We Not Men?", and "The Beginning Was The End: DEVO in Ohio", which came out in 2023.

Listen now as Giffels talks about it, with WAKR's Jeanne Destro



David Giffels, Author

Thursday, 04 April 2024 08:16

Search for Akron Police Chief

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Akron Mayor Shammas Malik joined Jeanne Destro on the Ray Horner Morning Show. The search for a new Police Chief continues. There is some concern about the law requiring the city to hire from within. The Mayor discussed the situation, the importance of diversity, and more.


When a guy told me a few years ago, "You know, there's going to be another Civil War"; I told him to grab a tinfoil hat.

But then, more and more scary, violent, and downright weird things kept happening; egged on by increasingly inflammatory political rhetoric, and amplified by social media and cable TV.

It all came to a head, but most certainly didn't end, during the insurrection at the US Capitol, on January 6th, 2020.

Now, the federal Judge overseeing former President Donald Trump's upcoming trial in New York for alleged election interference, has filed gag orders, seeking to keep him from making threatening statements against prosecutors, witnesses, and even the judge's own daughter.

But that's just the tip of the iceberg, or perhaps the spear; as we learn that next week, a brand new feature film starring Kirstin Dunst will be released nationwide, called "Civil War", which imagines what seemed like crazy talk a few years ago, just in time to put even more of a spanner in the works ahead of the upcoming Presidential election.

So, what can the average person do?

Are we all just doomed to be battered pillar-to-post each day by with worrisome thoughts and fears that our country is coming apart at the seams? Can't we just get a little peace, and a more calm and reasoned perspective, without sticking our heads so far down in the sand that we miss what is actually going on? 

To find out; I asked Dr. Karl Kaltenthaler, who Directs the University of Akron's Michael J. Morell Center for Intelligence Studies, and is an expert on Domestic terrorism.

Listen now:


dr. karl kaltenthaler

Dr. Karl Kaltenthaler, University of Akron

Wednesday, 03 April 2024 08:20

Aging & Personality

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Dr. Toni Cooper, Psychologist and Author, joined Jeanne Destro on the Ray Horner Morning Show. Aging can have an impact on your personality and demeanor. Dr. Cooper discussed staying open and positive through the years. 

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