Thursday, 29 February 2024 07:37

Help Find Missing Twinsburg Township Girl

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A 8th grade girl from R.B. Chamberlin Middle School in Twinsburg Township is missing, and the Summit County Sheriff's office is asking for your help to find her.

They say 15 year old Maria Maaz-Ba did not get on the school bus at 2:30 Wednesday afternoon, and was last seen walking toward Ravenna Road in Twinsburg Township.

Maria is described as 4’10”, approximately 100 pounds, with long dark hair. She was last seen wearing a white sweatshirt and blue jeans. Maria speaks Spanish , and very little English.

In addition, they say Maria may also be using the name Olivia Tiul Xi.

Anyone with information regarding the whereabouts of Maria should contact the Summit County Sheriff’s Office Detective Bureau at 330-643-8639.

Maaz Ba (2)

Wednesday, 28 February 2024 07:50

Solar Eclipse on April 8th

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There will be a Solar Eclipse on April 8th and Ohio will have an excellent view. Dr. Sergei Lyuksyutov, Professor of Physics at the University of Akron, joined the Ray Horner Morning Show. He talked about the once in a lifetime opportunity, eye safety, and more. 


Three times a day, Monday through Friday on the WAKR Morning Show, Ray Horner hosts a Women's History segment honoring First Ladies who have significantly contributed to our community and citizens! Kicking it off, the first First Lady, Martha Washington. 

Brought to you by the National First Ladies Library & Museum.


Cuyahoga Falls Police say they found the body of 33 year old Chandra Maya Poudel-Rimal, Tuesday morning, in a wooded area near a park, in the 1300 block of Middlebury Road, in Kent.

They allege that her husband, James Rimal, who reported her missing last Wedneday, Feb. 21; killed her, and have issued warrants for his arrest on charges of Murder, Strangulation, Tampering With Evidence, Domestic Violence, Making a False Alarm, and Abuse of a Corpse.

However, in a press release; police do not report that they have him in custody. Rather, they say, he is "hospitalized and not an on-going threat to public safety".


James Rimal

Earlier this week; they put out a plea for help from area residents, and also said rewards were available for information leading to Chandra Rimal's location. 





Tuesday, 27 February 2024 07:11

John Ford Coley Coming to Akron

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John Ford Coley is coming to the Goodyear Theater with Ambrosia on March 23rd. Coley joined the Ray Horner Morning Show to talk about the show and more. 


This week's Business of the Week is Summit County Children Services. Ann Ream, Director of Community Relations, joined the Ray Horner Morning Show. 

Monday, 26 February 2024 07:30

Heart Health with Dr. Justin Dunn

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Dr. Justin Dunn, Cardiologist with SUMMA Health, joined the Ray Horner Morning Show for American Heart Month. Dr. Dunn recapped the warning signs of heart issues, the importance of exercise, knowing your numbers, and more. 


33 year old Chandra Maya Poudel-Rimal was reported missing by her husband, last Wednesday, February 21st, and police have been searching for her, and interviewing neighbors, since then. 

She is described as a 33-year-old Asian female. 5'-02'', 119 pounds, with black hair, and brown eyes.

Anyone with information is asked to call Cuyahoga Falls police, and rewards are available for information leading to her location.


Sunday, 25 February 2024 09:26

What's In Your Portfolio? Another Wall Street Fad Fizzles Featured

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Financial schemes, scams, and outright swindles are nothing new, with examples dating back hundreds of years, including the Tulip  speculative bubble of the early 1600's, and the South Sea Scandal of 1720

Fast forward to more recent times, to Bernie Madoff's gigantic Ponzi scheme, which was discovered in 2008, earned him a 150 year federal prison sentence, to the sub-prime mortgage crisis that spurred a severe economic recession between 2007 and 2010.

With all that in mind, I recently read a fascinating opinion piece in The Washington Post, about a type of investment that has been pretty popular over the past few years, but has now fallen out of favor, because at its heart; a SPAC (Special Purpose Acquisition Company) is based more on an idea of a way to make money, than on actual, provable, rock-solid investing data. As a result, many companies that have gone from privately held, to publicly traded as a result of this type of financing, have gone belly-up, including one in our area; Lordstown Motors.

But still, some investors have cashed in, or at least, are still trying to do so, because while SPACs are on the decline and harder to do because of some new rules just recently put into place by the SEC; they're still legal.

So, what exactly could this mean to the average investor? Does it only impact famous people like former President Trump, for example who is in the process of taking his Truth Social media platform public through a SPAC, or could it possibly trickle down to the likes of regular folks who have their retirement money IRA and 401K accounts?

I'm of course, no Wall Street expert, so I had to call in help from somebody who actually is one; David Pelleg, who teaches Finance at Kent State University.

Listen now to our conversation about SPACS, scams, and all manner of financial wheeling and dealing, which often makes traders rich, and investors sorry.



David Pelleg, Finance Professor, Kent State University

Saturday, 24 February 2024 11:50

U-A Esports Celebrates Rocket League Milestone Featured

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The University of Akron's Esports program recently celebrated a career milestone.

For the first time Rocket League history; a collegiate team composed of students from the same school qualified for their Championship Series, known as the RLCS.

But, though they beat out over 900 other highly rated teams in the Rocket League Championship Series to become one of 16 teams to qualify for the RLCS North America Regional; they unfortunately didn't get past the first round.

Still, as you'll hear from U-A Esports Director, Nate Meeker; it did help set them up for future success in other tournaments, and potentially for employment after graduation in a wide variety of professional sports-related jobs.

Listen now.



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