The Student Athlete of the Week segment is powered by NECA-IBEW and Akron Children’s Hospital. 

This week's athletes are from Firestone CLC.
Daryn Wright enjoys playing sports like volleyball, softball and track. She is a varsity volleyball starter.  Daryn has a 4.17 GPA placing her within the top 5% of her graduating class. She takes honors and advanced placement (AP) courses at Firestone while also taking dual enrollment classes (CCP) through the University of Akron. Due to her academic success and involvement in the community,  she has been selected to be a debutante in the 2024 Les Belle Perles Cotillion.  She  constantly makes time to volunteer whether that's at church or in the community. 
Abbie Pantea is a Junior on the Varsity Girls Golf Team. On the golf course, Abbie has quickly become the leader of the team, averaging a 44 for nine holes in her last four rounds playing from Firestone’s #1 spot.  Abbie shot a career low 40 for nine holes in a match on August 31 at Mud Run Golf Course in a match against St. Vincent-St. Mary. She is a two-year letter winner and will receive her third varsity letter this year. She has a 4.14 cumulative grade point average while participating in honors classes, advanced placement classes, and also college credit plus through the University of Akron.  She's an active member of the Akron School for the Arts Program at Firestone CLC as an ASA dancer.  Abbie is a member of the National Honors Society of Dance Arts and a student ambassador. 
Thursday, 21 September 2023 09:58

Akron Woman Found Guilty of Murder for Stabbing Mother

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Sydney Powell, the 23 year-old Akron woman accused of fatally stabbing her mother 3 years ago has been found guilty on multiple counts including murder, felonious assault, and tampering with evidence.

Prosecutors say that Sydney stabbed her mother, 50-year-old Brenda Powell, with a steak knife nearly 30 times and also beat her with a cast iron skillet. During testimony, experts gave differing opinions on whether Powell was sane at the time of the murder with the defendant having entered a plea of not guilty by reason of insanity. The Beacon Journal reports that during closing arguments prosecutors said Powell killed her mother to hide the fact that she’d been kicked out of Mount Union College. 

The jury at Summit County Common Pleas Court  deliberated a little over 9 hours before reaching their verdict. Powell will be sentenced on October 28th.

Thursday, 21 September 2023 09:06

Better Water, Healthier Fish In The Cuyahoga River

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While there is still some cause for concern about the level of contamination in the Cuyahoga River; both the US, and Ohio EPA agree that fish are healthier now, and showing less evidence of deformities brought on by toxic pollution.
Cuyahoga Soil and Water District officials say decades of intentional removal of contaminants from the water, have resulted in what they are calling a major milestone forward in revitalizing the ecological health of the river.

To find out more about the positive impacts of clean water efforts, including Akron's billion dollar sewer improvement project; we talked to Jennifer Grieser, who is the Cleveland Metroparks Director of Natural Resources:


Senator Sherrod Brown joined the Ray Horner Morning Show to talk about holding Northfolk Southern accountable for the accident in East Palestine. He also provided some insight from the picket line of the UAW strike in Toledo.

Thursday, 21 September 2023 06:33

WGA & AMPTP Talks Continue Amid Strike

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Joe Fortunato, Film Study Professor, joined the Ray Horner Morning Show on Wednesday. The WGA (Writers Guild of America) has been on strike since May, over 140 days. There has been some progress as WGA & AMPTP (Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers) are in talks, but there is still a long way to go. Joe explained some of the issues, AI, and running out of content.


Do you believe in ghosts, or are you at least curious enough to find out if they might be real?

If so, the Akron's Goodyear Theater is the place to be tomorrow night, September 21.

Ghost Hunter Amy Bruni, who began her career on the popular TV series, "Ghost Hunters",  and who is now the co-star and executive producer of the Travel Channel Show, "Kindred Spirits", will be on stage with her "Life with The Afterlife: True Tales of the Paranormal", show, starting at 7:30PM.

We talked to her recently about her spooky experiences, why she has an open mind about what may be causing them, and (perhaps) why you should too.

Listen now:



Wednesday, 20 September 2023 08:02

A Look at the Economy with Dr. Kathryn Wilson

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The economy is on the rise and there is a large demand for employees but 78% of Americans still live paycheck to paycheck. Dr. Kathryn Wilson, Profesor of Economics at Kent State University, joined the Ray Horner Morning Show. They talked about why so many Americans are struggling, took a look at the economy, inflation, and more.
Wednesday, 20 September 2023 07:20

Hey Bobby 9.20.23

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Bobby DiBiasio of the Cleveland Guardians joined the Ray Horner Morning Show for his weekly episode of Hey Bobby! This week, Ray and Bobby reflected on Charlie Manuel and his influence, and they discussed the Guardians young offensive lineup. 

Mark your calendars now for this coming Saturday, Sept. 23, for the West Hill Neighborhood Organization's "WonderFest 2023" celebration. 

The event will take place at the corner of Maple and Crosby Streets in Akron starting at Noon, and will include a bike race, food trucks, a beer garden, live music, and even a free movie night featuring the 1985 classic, "Back To The Future"  at historic Glendale Cemetery.

Listen for more details from West Hill Neighborhood Organization Member, Krysta Curl, and Free Akron Outdoor Movies Co-Founder, John Bryson. 


Auto Industry expert with CBS, Jeff Gilbert, joined the Ray Horner Morning Show. The UAW (United Auto Workers) are still on strike. Ray and Jeff discussed the strike, EV's role in the situation, what it means for consumers, and more. 

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