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Violent Weekend In Akron Featured

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Akron police are investigating a string of violent incidents over the weekend.
On Saturday morning, a 72 year old man was shot multiple times on South Main street near the bus stop in front of the Main Library, downtown. The man who allegedly shot him, 30 year old Donald Reynolds, has been charged with felonious assault.
Detectives are also looking into two homicides; the first one occurred at around 5:30PM Saturday, on Seth Robert Drive, where a 22 and a 23 year old man were found shot. The younger man died.
Then, at about 1:30 Sunday morning, a 36 year old man was killed at a gathering in the 800 block of Lindsey Avenue, and the man who allegedly stabbed him, 36 year old Dareeque Dorman, has been charged with murder.
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