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Cool, Low-Tech Tips To Reduce Global Warming

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There's not a whole lot better than summertime in Ohio, when it comes to picnics in the park, hikes along the Cuyahoga river, and maybe even a cool dip in one of our many beautiful lakes.

But this cool green serenity is at risk, as global climate change heats up the water, fosters toxic algal blooms, and hastens leaf decomposition, which in turn; fuels more global warming.

The good news is, though, that there is something you can do to help fight back against that right now, in your own backyard.

It also just happens to be cheap, low-tech, and easy to accomplish without fancy lawn equipment, or an advanced degree in Biology.

Of course, we are going to need somebody who actually does have an advanced degree in Biology to explain it all to us, and that's where our special guest, Dr. David Costello, from Kent State University, comes in.

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Dr. David Costello KSU

Dr. David Costello, Associate Professor of Biology, Kent State University

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