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Hack This: America's Next Gen Cybercops

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From somebody using AI (Artificial Intelligence) to clone President Biden's voice for a robocall aimed at keeping people from voting in New Hampshire, to top level Microsoft officials' email getting hacked, and even the Director of the Department of Homeland Security's cybersecurity intfrastructure protection agency being targeted in a dangerous "swatting" attempt; cybercriminals are aiming high, and often; they're hitting their marks.

So, who is going to stop them? Right now, there are more than 700 thousand cybersecurity positions open nationwide, with companies, government agencies, and other organizations in critical need of qualified employees who can secure their networks, and protect critical data, infrastrucure, individuals, and the general public from harm.

That is why the US Department of Defense (DOD) is funding Cybersecurity scholarships for college students nationwide, including at two year colleges, like Stark State, and why Kent State University is now offering a new Major in Cybercriminology.

Listen now as we explore this topic, with Stark State College Cybersecurity Associate Professor, Glenn Goe, as well as Professor of Criminology and Global Security, Profesor, Dr. Hedi Nasheri. We'll also hear from Shelley Marshall, who is Lead Faculty for Kent State''s IT program in their College of Applied and Technical Studies, about how their new program can teach students not only to discover how cyber intrusions happen, but also how to track down who did it, and bring them to justice.


Hedi Nasheri

Dr. Hedi Nasheri, Kent State University

DMarshall Shelley 2020 0

Prof. Shelley Marshall, Kent State University


Prof. Glenn Goe, Stark State College

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