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Akron Police Internal Investigation Clears Officers In Jayland Walker Shooting Featured

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Akron Police Chief Steve Mylett has released the results of an internal investigation into the Jayland Walker shooting, which exonerates the officers of any wrongdoing in the incident which made national headlines, and resulted in months of civil unrest in Akron; some of it violent.

Walker, who was black, was shot on June 2, 2022, following a high speed chase along the highway, during which he shot at police.

At the time; Police claimed that they were acting in self defense, because he made a gesture they interpreted as threatening. It wasn't until after he was dead, that they discovered his gun was still in his car, and that when he turned toward police and made the cross-body gesture they thought meant he was going to shoot at them; he was actually unarmed.

Since that time, the the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation looked into the incident, and their findings were presented to a Grand Jury in Summit County, which last April declined to return criminal indictments against any of the eight officers involved.

In addition, attorneys for the Walker family have filed a $25 million dollar civil lawsuit against the City of Akron, and they have asked the US Departent of Justice to look into their claims of police excessive use of force and civil rights violations.

Mylett concludes: "While certainly tragic, after having reviewed the BCI investigation and Lt. Lieke’s investigation, and the City’s policy, similar to the Special Grand Jury, I find that that the use of deadly force was objectively reasonable and the officers complied with the use of force policy. As I already stated, this was a very dynamic, dangerous and fluid event and all officers were focused on safely apprehending the fleeing suspect and when presented with a reasonably perceived life-threatening danger, acted to protect themselves and their fellow officers."

You can read the entire Executive Summary, below:

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