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State Lawmakers Introduce Bill to Lower Ticket Prices for High School Play-off Games Featured

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As the Ohio High School football play-offs kicked off this past weekend, state lawmakers are working to bring ticket prices for games down.

House Bill 311 looks to revamp the current OHSAA pricing model to guarantee that the price paid online for tickets is the same price paid at the gate. Currently students can buy tickets online for $9 with adults paying $12. That price goes up to $15 to buy a ticket with cash at the gate.

State Rep Jay Edwards who’s cosponsoring the bill tells 19 News he wants the cash option to be the same price as what you pay online. He also wants to keep prices low for students, saying we shouldn't be exploiting high school kids. While the OHSAA says the reason for the higher cash price is due to a need for increased security and personnel at the gate when taking cash payments.

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