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Group Sues AG Yost Over Proposed Voting Rights Amendment Featured

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Voter rights groups are bringing a lawsuit against Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost, saying he doesn’t have the right to reject their proposed amendment based on its title. 

3 News reports that the group submitted their Ohio voter’s bill of rights for the second time in January. The amendment looks to make changes to voting laws in Ohio including adding more drop boxes for ballots, allowing same day voter registration, and extending voting hours. 

Yost rejected the bill calling its title “highly misleading and misrepresentative” with Yost citing “recent authority from the Ohio Supreme Court” that he says allows him to examine a petitions title along with the text summary.

The group argues that the attorney general is only tasked with “examining whether the summary is a fair and truthful statement of the proposed law or constitutional amendment,” and “does not have the authority to review the title of the proposed amendment.”

The Ohio Supreme Court says that Yost has till today at 4pm to respond to the groups legal claims. Yost responded to the lawsuit with a post on X saying  "We’ve been sued over the decision. Good. The misleading title is the only matter of contention, so we will likely get a clear opinion up or down. The voters deserve a no-spin zone when asked to sign a petition and I aim to give it to them.”

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