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Ray Horner Podcast - 1/23/2020 Featured

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:19 - A sad day for all of you nuts out there, as Planters’ long-time mascot Mr. Peanut has apparently died. It’s evident this is a publicity stunt, the way IHOP did to promote their burgers and lunch specials, but we had some fun with it anyway.

2:40 - In a more serious discussion, Ray noticed more high school and college players are sitting or kneeling before the American Flag. Is this a trend because Colin Kaepernick did it, or are there actual concerns that cause these student-athletes to not be proud of the country? And what can we do to gain common ground?

8:51 - The Dolan family was given the Lifetime Achievement Award at last night’s Greater Cleveland Sports Awards. Are the Dolans unfairly criticized as an ownership group, or is the scrutiny justified?

18:30 - We wrapped up our podcast on favorite ‘80s rock groups we’d want to see again.

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