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Ray Horner Podcast - 1/22/2020 Featured

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:19 - Derek Jeter and Larry Walker are the newest members of the Baseball Hall of Fame, as Omar Vizquel still has a ways to go, even though he’s on his way up. Ray and Tony both believe Omar is a hall of famer, while they talked about the future of another Cleveland shortstop in Francisco Lindor.

4:12 - Dr. John Green gives us great insight from time to time on local and national political matters, and the focus has been on the senate impeachment trial this week. Dr. Green talked about what impeachment will mean to the Democrats, President Trump, and the country in general.

12:46 - We hear all this talk about impeachment, but what about the history of this process? Historian at the University of Akron, Dr. Kevin Kern, gave us a look.

18:15 - We’ve been talking about the present and future of Chapel Hill Mall and what it will do for the surrounding communities. According to Tallmadge mayor David Kline, he’s not too concerned with it. Kline also touched on how his town fared in 2019 and the continued development in 2020.

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