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Ray Horner Podcast - 4/25/2019 Featured

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:17 - Could the way we stream TV shows be changed for good, once the original networks take back their programs for their own services. The panel talked about the near and distant future of steaming networks such as Netflix and Amazon Prime.

7:55 - Speaking of television, Norman Lear and Jimmy Kimmel plan to reboot the iconic All in the Family and The Jefferson’s shows during a live spectacular in May. Tony mentions how audiences today may not understand satire and context the way Baby Boomers did during the 1970s.

10:24 - Our master gardener Jeanne Poremski stopped by to take some questions for your spring gardens.

14:26 - Howard Parr is the executive director of the Akron Civic Theatre joined the program to talk about the next renovations and expansion that’s set to come to the historic downtown theater.

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