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This Week In Tech with Jeanne Destro-7-29-22: Driving on the Moon

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Imagine cruising on the moon in a high tech rover that can withstand temperatures that swing between a sizzling 250 degrees Fahrenheit and an unbelievably chillly miinus 350 degrees.

While tires that can withstand those temperature extremes haven't been built yet for use here on Earth; they are in development right now for use on the moon, by Akron-based Goodyear Tire, in partnership with global security and aerospace industry giant, Lockheed-Martin.

Listen now to our interview with Goodyear Senior Program Manager, Michael Rachita, to hear about the tough and versatile metal "tire" treads they're developing for a new lunar rover that NASA astronauts can either drive, or control remotely for autonomous exploration.

We'll also tell you about a new post graduate certificate program in advanced manufacturing technology now being offered by the University of Akron. It is designed specifically for people who already have a B.A. in technical fields, but who lack the depth of understanding they need to land the many great paying jobs waiting to be filled right now at thousands of companies companies right here in Ohio.

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