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This Week In Tech with Jeanne Destro-5-20-22: “Radically Human" Technology

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Don't you just hate it when technology that's supposed to make your life easier; actually makes it even more difficult?

Most people do, and that's why it is welcome news that innovative new technology is available now, that enables people to not only interact, but to collaborate with computers, robots, and other smart gadgets.

Find out more about how this new and evolving technology is helping make business leaders more successful and employees more productive, as we talk with artificial intelligence expert, H. James Wilson.

Wilson, who spoke to us from his home in San Francisco, is the Global Managing Director of Thought Leadership and Technology at Accenture, a management consulting and professional services firm with more than 700 thousand employees worldwide, headquartered in Dublin, Ireland.

He wrote the book, "Radically Human: How New Technology Is Transforming Business and Shaping Our Future", with Accenture's Group Chief Executive-Technology, and Chief Technology Officer Paul Daugherty

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H. James Wilson, Author

Radically Human

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