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Homeless Services Halted at 15 Broad St. Featured

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Once again, the property at 15 Broad Street in Akron's Middlebury neighborhood is being given the "cease and desist" order by the City of Akron, after it was found that homeless people were sleeping there, against the previous orders of the city. 

Earlier this year, Sage Lewis with Akron's Homeless Charity and owner of the property at 15 Broad St., was ordered to close down the Tent City homeless encampment on his property, in spite of his efforts to rezone the property to operate within the law. 

Now, Lewis has once again been given a deadline for those living on the property to move out; this time he has until Friday, July 26th. 

Lewis tells the Jasen Sokol Show on 1590 WAKR and 93.5 FM that he made everyone aware of the rule that barred anyone from sleeping on his property and that he did not know that it was still happening. 

"Every single person that was sleeping in my building knew that was my mantra," Lewis said. "We knew it absolutely black and white. There was not one person that didn't know that that was the cold hard truth, but they did it anyways." 

Since the most recent notification from the City of Akron, Lewis says that basically all of the services the Homeless Charity was providing for Akron's homeless population have stalled at the Middlebury property, including the pantry and day community center. He's hopeful, though, that he and the Homeless Chairty will still be able to provide services going forward, including mobile services Lewis says he's looking into. 

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