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Four Arrested in Gun Rights Clash at Kent State Featured

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A few tense moments at a pro-2nd amendment rally on Kent State campus Saturday afternoon, as protesters clashed with demonstrators.

The rally, wasn't officially a rally as KSU officials denied the permit to Kent grad Kaitlin Bennett who planned speakers but didn't apply for that permit in time. She was still within her rights, according to State Law, to hold an "open-carry" march on campus, which she did. Bennett's group, though, was met with protesters and at one point things escalated.

Four people were arrested, all for disorderly conduct, but one person was also charged with assaulting a police officer.

"We anticipated that this day might present some challenges, as opposing groups from the outside came to our campus to express their freedoms and be heard," said KSU President Beverly Warren said in a press conference after the event, adding, "While there was some heated challenges and exchanges today, I am pleased to say that today's events concluded with minimal violence and injury and no damage to University property." 

See the full press conference, courtesy of Kent State University's Facebook page, here

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