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Ray Horner Podcasts - 6/23/2020 Featured

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Part 1

:17 - An uphill battle for Ohio schools with the Coronavirus still present. Akron Public Schools superintendent David James was a part of a Zoom conference call on Monday, and he talked about what was on the call on the Ray Horner Morning Show. Some of those topics include proper sanitization of skin and face wear, the virtual learning options for students, and awaiting the procedure guidelines handed down by Governor Mike DeWine.

15:25 - How are the markets fairing now that Ohio businesses have been open for about a month? Capital Financial Group’s Richard Peterson looked at the housing market, and how the economic recovery is going so far.

Part 2

:17 - Getting a glimpse on what’s been on his plate, Congressman Tim Ryan called into the program. Rep. Ryan touched on the ongoing trade talks with China, the civil unrest in the country, and how the auto industry in Northern Ohio will push on.

9:40 - For her weekly hit on the Ray Horner Morning Show, Dr. Debbie Plate touched on the recent spikes of COVID-19 happening across the country, and the continued importance of masks and social distancing.

19:18 - Ray took a stroll through Summit Mall, one of his first indoor excursions since the pandemic began….and he was pleasantly surprised by how the businesses and employees stressed keeping a social distance.

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