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Friday, 16 November 2018 09:29

This Week in Tech with Jeanne Destro-11-16-18 Featured

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 This week, new software designed to help local retailers compete against Amazon, the FCC taking aim at Robocalls, and smartphones you can fold up and put in your pocket. We'll also hear about weatherizing your home for the winter, technology to help infants learn, and a guy who wants to…
Friday, 09 November 2018 09:25

This Week in Tech with Jeanne Destro-11-9-18 Featured

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 This week, advances in medical technology that could improve surgery, let you know whether you're at risk for a heart attack, and and give people who are paralyzed, the ability to walk again. We'll also hear why people in Sweden are getting microchips implanted under their skin, how highway speed…
Friday, 02 November 2018 09:36

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 This week, we’re going green with energy efficient buildings, recycled windshields, and charging stations for electric cars on the turnpike. We’ve also got news about how you might be in line for some money from the Yahoo class action lawsuit, vastly improved mobile phone cameras, and artificial intelligence-generated artwork.  …
Friday, 26 October 2018 09:40

This Week in Tech with Jeanne Destro Podcast-10-26-18 Featured

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This week, Chinese spies hacking US networks, laser weapons that can actually vaporize your skin, energy saving paint, smaller cell phones, and how smart speakers are getting even smarter. 
Friday, 19 October 2018 09:15

This Week in Tech w/Jeanne Destro Podcast-10-19-18 Featured

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More breakthroughs in medical technology, a sophisticated cyber attack, what Facebook is doing to safeguard against voter suppression, and how digital technology is bringing a beloved US President, back to life.
Friday, 12 October 2018 10:13

This Week in Tech with Jeanne Destro Podcast-10-12-18 Featured

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This week, the new Presidential Alert hits cell phones nationwide, pay raises at Amazon, a huge Google data breach, another Facebook hoax, cutting edge medical technology, and scientists actually talking about directing asteroids toward the earth.
Friday, 05 October 2018 09:24

This Week in Tech with Jeanne Destro Podcast-10-5-18 Featured

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This week, both Facebook and Uber in the hotseat for data breaches, California faces off against the feds on net neutrality, Verizon launches the nation's first 5-G network, and how a new invention could keep you from having to scrape ice off your windshield in the winter.
Friday, 28 September 2018 10:03

This Week in Tech with Jeanne Destro Podcast-9-28-18 Featured

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This week: EBAY launches a big new national customer service program in Akron, Amazon expands its chain of cashier-less convenience stores, a possible cure for baldness, and an out-of-this world clean energy supply.  
Friday, 21 September 2018 09:19

AUDIO: This Week in Tech w/Jeanne Destro-9-21-18 Featured

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This week, a life-saving smart-watch, civilian cyber-warriors, scandal at Amazon, and a new invention for first responders dealing with the opiod epidemic. 
Friday, 14 September 2018 11:51

AUDIO: This Week in Tech w/Jeanne Destro-9-14-18 Featured

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This week, double agents, chemical weapons, and spy versus spy in cyberspace. We’ll also hear how Twitter is taking a stand against hate speech, how schools are keeping a watchful eye on social media, and whether or not that shiny, new, super-high-resolution 8K TV, is really worth it, after all.…
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