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Ray Horner Podcasts - 6/16/2020 Featured

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Part 1

:17 - On Monday, coming off the deaths of Rayshard Brooks in Atlanta and Nakia Crawford in Akron, Ward 5 councilwoman Tara Samples posted an open letter addressing the concerns of the community. She addressed those concerns on the air with Ray Horner.

9:25 - For more on the civil unrest and weathering trust between various communities and the police, the morning show panel talked in depth about this.

20:00 - Another area in food and hospitality that has been hit hard is the breakfast industry.

Part 2

:17 - The weather may heat up this week, but it’s good to get out of the house and one’s comfort zone and get some exercise. Dr. Mark Cipriani from Summa Health is here to help, and he talked about everything from the importance of walking to proper hydration and ice application.

8:29 - COVID-19 is still a threat no matter the region of the country. Cleveland Clinic Akron General’s Dr. Debbie Plate discussed the continued need for social distancing, the outlook of flu season, and more on the antibody tests.

17:49 - From Prism Wealth Management and Financial Focus heard Sundays on WAKR, Robert Dodaro talked about investing in these times, 401(k)s back up, and affording and applying for student loans.

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