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Ray Horner Podcast - 4/21/2020 Part 1 Featured

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:17 - Though there could be a light at the end of the reopening the economy tunnel, the “new normal” is still a ways away, and that impact has really hit small businesses both locally and nationally. Summit County executive Illene Shapiro and assistant chief of staff Greta Johnson called into the Ray Horner Morning Show to touch on the recent grants that affected the small businesses, and how local manufacturing can change and adapt going forward.

8:49 - The 2020 year at Kent State University did not go as expected, from the commencement to the 50th anniversary of the shootings on campus. Interim senior VP and provost Dr. Melody Tankersley discussed the continued learning through digital means, as well as how the university will handle the graduation ceremony.

16:39 - The NFL Draft is this week. Did you know that? The league has made a few changes for the draft.

18:00 - Oil and gas prices are extremely low, and airplane tickets are relatively inexpensive, but is there much of a demand for that supply? If you had an opportunity to take a summer trip, would you?

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