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Ray Horner Podcast - 1/17/2020 Featured

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:19 - Are you ready for some….futsal? It’s an ever-growing indoor soccer-like sport, and the Akron Vulcans will kick off their home opener on Sunday the 19th at Goodyear Hall. Otto Orf, the coach of the Vulcans, stopped by to explain futsal and promote Sunday’s game. 7:38 - An airplane passenger was creeped out by an airline employee who received her contact info and incessantly texted her. The morning show panel discussed this subject, as well as the security risks happening via technology.

14:13 - Earlier this week, the nominations for the Academy Awards were released, and though the panel hasn’t seen many of the films, they still shared their thoughts.

19:32 - Cavs fans have been excited to see what rookie Dylan Windler has to offer. Well, they’ll have to wait until next year. Dr. Joe Congeni from Akron Children’s Hospital explains what is wrong with his league.

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