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Ray Horner Podcast - 1/3/2020 Featured

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:19 - Cuyahoga Falls mayor Don Walters stopped by the studio to recap the year that was in 2019. Walters raved about the continued downtown development and the goings on at Portage Crossing, as well as the construction on Howe Avenue.

7:03 - Robert Dodaro is with Prism Wealth Management, and he’s also the host of Money Matters. He joined Ray’s show to discuss retirement plans and the economy as we enter 2020.

13:03 - Our movie guy Scott Wynn dropped by to gloss over the films currently in the theaters, as well as why a movie like Bombshell, well, bombed.

16:51 - The circus with the Cleveland Browns continues, with a revolving door at head coach and now general manager. Fred Greetham from the Orange & Brown Report attempted to sort out this dysfunction.

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