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Ray Horner Podcast - 11/11/2019 Featured

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:19 - Could the Democratic presidential race get more interesting with Michael Bloomberg entering the race? The panel on the morning show talked about how viable Bloomberg can be not only against a fellow billionaire in Donald Trump, but his in-party rivals in Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden, and Elizabeth Warren.

6:36 - The Browns somehow, someway came up with a 19-16 victory over the Buffalo Bills. Ray and Tony recapped the game, which was nice to see, though they believe the poor coaching continues to hold them back.

10:08 - Our veterinarian Dr. Gary Riggs stopped by the answer questions about limping and coughing with dogs.

17:54 - Today is Veterans Day, and Ray gives a big salute to all those who served and how the reaction towards veterans have improved over time, even if there’s still some things to work on.

20:56 - This week marks 50 years of Sesame Street? Was that a part of your life in some way, either as a child, parent, or grandparent?

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