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Ray Horner Podcast - 8/26/2019 Featured

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:19 - School is back in session all around, and while there is excitement in the air, there’s also looming threats of bullying, whether in-person or online. How is Akron Public Schools addressing this ongoing issue? Dan Rambler explains.

6:31 - Hope you didn’t draft Andrew Luck in your fantasy leagues, as he stunningly announced his retirement on Saturday night. Ray and Tony mentioned how it may be the norm for NFL players to retire at or before 30.

13:49 - Today is National Dog Day, and it’s fitting to have our veterinarian Dr. Gary Riggs in studio to talk all things dogs.

18:36 - 2+ decades, and the “Which is better: Seinfeld or Friends” debate still rages on. The morning show panel is still partial to Seinfeld (especially Tony), so Ray mentions a few facts on the Show About Nothing.

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