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Ray Horner Podcast - 8/6/2019 Featured

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:19 - Two days removed from the deadly massacre in Dayton, the facts about both that case and in El Paso are starting to flow out. In Dayton, the shooter was shot and killed within 30 seconds. How can a police force train for active shooters? Akron police chief Ken Ball explained this morning.

10:04 - How does a parent explain to his/her child about these shootings, in schools or elsewhere? Dr. Laura Markley from Akron Children’s Hospital shared some tips.

14:35 - The Indians lost 1-0 to the Texas Rangers last night, and they have a big series against their AL Central foe in the Minnesota Twins this weekend. Tribe VP Bob DiBiasio talked about last night’s game, and answered listener questions about Bradley Zimmer and athlete endorsements.

20:15 - Would you date someone with poor hygiene? A lot of single people will skip the second date due to that.

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