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Ray Horner Podcast - 8/1/2019 Featured

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:19 - The second round of debates for the Democrats occurred this week, and there is a definite divide between the more moderate wing and the liberal side. Dr. David Beer, professor of political science at Malone University, broke down the debates with Ray, mainly on the ideological split, the attacks on Joe Biden, and the future of Tim Ryan.

7:40 - Speaking of Democrats, US Senator Sherrod Brown joined the show to talk infrastructure, the debates, and a little on the Indians’ trading of Trevor Bauer.

13:00 - Get ready to close your ears, it’s time for the most annoying songs of all time!

16:40 - And finally, master gardener Jeanne Poremski was on the run so she called in today. Topics with her discussed were more on the powdery mildew, growing cucumbers, finding mushrooms in the garden, and the health of our trees as we begin August.

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