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Ray Horner Podcast - 7/26/2019 Featured

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:19 - As Ray Horner wraps up his vacation in South Carolina, Tony Mazur fills in once again. Tony pondered why local television did not work in Akron with WAKR/TV-23. This apparently set off a bat signal, and former WAKR/WAKC newsman Mark Williamson (now with Akron Public Schools) called into the program to discuss why Akron TV seemed doomed from the beginning.

8:01 - William Sanderson is a character actor who’s appeared in everything from Deadwood to The Rocketeer, to 1982’s Blade Runner. He may be best known for his comedic cameos as Larry from the sitcom Newhart. He talked about his career playing various roles, and he promoted his new book Yes, I’m That Guy: The Rough-And-Tumble Life of a Character Actor.

19:03 - Our movie guy and WQMX morning man Scott Wynn stopped by to talk about what’s happening at the theaters. Quentin Tarantino’s Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is out now, and the Mr. Rogers trailer with Tom Hanks has made waves.

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