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Ray Horner Podcast - 6/24/2019 Featured

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:17 - Movie theaters were abuzz over the weekend with Toy Story 4 opening, but are movie goers tiring of franchises (i.e., Marvel, Star Wars, etc.)? And what will be the future of movie theaters going forward?

9:16 - Dr. David Beer is a professor of political science at Malone University, and he is our resident political analyst on the morning show. He talked to Ray about a slew of topics such as Iran and the United States’ strategy over it, the deportation of illegal immigrants, and the upcoming Democratic debates.

16:46 - Michael Gershe was involved in a car accident when he was just eight weeks old, with his mother being killed by a drunk driver. He has lived to tell his story through humor, and his mission is to educate others on the effects of impaired driving through his program and new book, The Magic of Life. He talked about his book on the air with Ray.

22:49 - And finally, veterinarian Dr. Gary Riggs stopped by to chat about heart worm and ticks this time of year.

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