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Ray Horner Podcast - 10/15/2018 Featured

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:17 - Ray and the morning gang kicked off Monday’s show with some pleasant news. Tony Mazur, the show’s producer, got engaged over the weekend!

10:00 - Green mayor Gerard Neugebauer stopped by the studio to provide an update on the Nexus pipeline. As of late last week, gas is now flowing through the pipe.

16:58 - We are now less than a month away before the midterms. Will the Republican Party maintain the governorship in Ohio with Mike DeWine, or will Richard Cordray swing the pendulum back to the Democrats? And how about the sizable lead Sherrod Brown has in the senate over Jim Renacci? Dr. David Beer from Malone University previews what may occur leading up to the election.

26:05 - It’s been a few days and the storm has settled a bit, but Hurricane/Tropical Storm Michael has devastated parts of the Florida Panhandle. Jim McIntyre from the American Red Cross provided an update.

33:05 - Time now for our Business of the Week! This week, we head over to Fairlawn and visit with Wells Trecaso Financial Group. Doug Wells and Ralph Trecaso talked about their business, which has been around since the early 1990s.

42:48 - The Cavs open their season on Wednesday, and the voice of the team, John Michael, previewed what to expect. Michael believes players like Jordan Clarkson and Rodney Hood will have significant expanded roles now that LeBron took his talents to Los Angeles.

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