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AI In Everything, Everywhere: Are You Ready For The Future?

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Imagine a future where virtually everything you touch is infused with Artificial Intelligence; not just your smart phone, but also your TV, your car, your air conditioner, the forklift at the factory where you work, and more.

But that's not an imaginary scenario.

According to the authors of the new book, "Fusion Strategy: How Real Time Data & AI will Power the Industrial Future"; that is exactly what is happening right now, and what will continue to happen on an ever increasing scale in the future.

So, how can we get ready for it? What is ahead for individuals, for workers, and for business owners?

Find out, as we discuss it with co-author, Dr. Venkat Venkatraman, who is a Professor of Management at Boston University.



Dr. Venkat Venkatraman

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