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This Week in Tech with Jeanne Destro-11-15-19 Featured

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This week, kids, cars, and education. Libraries up in arms about the high cost of e-books, the first ever use of a new robotic arm for a kidney transplant, and a new long-range hybrid car.

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Ray Horner Podcast - 11/14/2019

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:19 - Yesterday on Capital Hill, the impeachment hearings for President Donald Trump began. Dr. David Beer, professor of political science at Malone University, gave an overview of the first day, which featured such players as Bill Taylor, Jim Jordan, among others. He also touched on Deval Patrick entering the race on the Democratic side.

6:51 - What about the legal implications of impeachment? Dean Carro, president of the Akron Bar Association, joined the program to discuss those ramifications and what it means to the political and legal structure.

14:49 - Let’s go back in time to the second-to-last time a president faced impeachment hearings. Dr. Kevin Kern, history professor at the University of Akron, went down memory lane with the Watergate scandal with President Richard Nixon.

21:05 - Chase Young will be back on the field for the Buckeyes….after a brief two-game suspension. Ray and Kris talked about this saga surrounding the NCAA and Chase Young, who will be back in time for the Penn State game.

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This week our 1590 WAKR Male Student Athlete of the Week is Danny Kurko, a senior basketball player from Tallmadge High School.

Danny says that he’s looking forward to his senior season.
“Last year we made the district championship game and we lost, but it was a great experience and we had energy all around the team,” he explained.
A two-sport athlete in both basketball and track, Kurko is a team captain for the Blue Devils team on the hardwood. 
He says being that leader on the floor is a responsibility he takes pride in.
“I try to give guys high-fives and tell them they had had a good play whenever they are out there, just encourage my teammates to do better.”  
His coach Bill Johnson said that Danny is a true leader on and off the court.
“Danny is the kind of player a coach dreams about. He comes in every day, works as hard as he can and tries to improve. On top of that, he is a great ambassador for our program,” he said.
“He supports all other teams and programs in Tallmadge and truly cares about the school and community.”
In addition to being an athlete for Tallmadge, Danny is a member of the Pep Club as well as a participant in volunteer work for St. Matthew Parish.
Upon graduation in the spring, Kurko plans on attending Kent State University and majoring in Sports Management. 
Our next Female Student Athlete of the Week is Jill Catalano, a senior basketball player from Tallmadge High School. 
Jill is a three sport athlete in volleyball, basketball, and track and field. 
She says that her mother has been the biggest inspiration to her academic and athletic career.
“My mom has been my biggest supporter no matter what,” Catalano explains. 
In addition to being a student athlete, she is also a member of the National Honor Society, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, and Suburban League Leadership among other groups. 
She says that that group in particular (the Suburban League Leadership Group) has been instrumental in her growth as a player and as a person.
“Being an athlete is more than just playing sports, it’s getting out in the community, getting involved with people around your neighborhood, and also in the school.”
Her coach Brett Bickar said that she is one of those student athletes any coach would want to have in their program.
"She is a player every coach would love. Always 100% effort in games as well as practice. Very encouraging to players on the team, freshman to senior," he said. 
"She is very generous as a person, she will do anything she can to help someone, from working with the youth to taking extra time to give others a ride to or from practice. "
Upon graduation in the spring, she is undecided on where she will attend college, but plans on majoring in something related to the medical field. 
We wish Danny and Jill the best in all of their future endeavors. 
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Ray Horner Podcast - 11/15/2019

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:19 - The ADL labels the Confederate Flag a hate symbol, but do the folks flying it know the meaning and feelings behind it? Or are they well aware and fly it anyway? Ray, Tony, and Kris debating the subject of raising the Confederate flag.

9:01 - Is AAU basketball causing more problems for teens than it helps? Are their bodies fatiguing and breaking down earlier due to the brutal tournament schedules throughout the year?

15:10 - Disney unveiled their new streaming service on Tuesday called Disney+, where viewers can watch nearly every TV show and film under Walt’s umbrella….unless there were login problems, which is what occurred the first day. How many streaming services will we subscribe to, and will we just be spending the same amount on streams that we did on cable?

20:18 - Should the Indians trade Francisco Lindor? Tony believes now is the time to get the best value.

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Ray Horner Podcast - 11/13/2019

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Government corruption and scandals have been a constant since the beginning of the country. What are some of the most famous and infamous scandals that have either shook the nation or quietly occurred without public knowledge? Mark Hyman is the author of the book Washington Babylon, and he talked to guest-host Tony Mazur about scandals such as MKUltra, COINTELPRO, and Watergate, among others.

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Fatal Crash Causes Major Delays on Turnpike

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The Ohio State Highway Patrol is still investigating, but have confirmed that at least one person was killed in an accident along I-80 Eastbound in Richfield Tuesday morning. 

According to the report, just about 9 a.m. a multi-vehicle happened in the eastbound lanes at State Route 8. 

As of noon all lanes on the eastbound side of the highway were closed and all but one lane of I-80 Westbound were closed causing major delays all morning. 

Another accident nearby along State Route 8, the southbound lanes were closed due to an accident near Rt. 303. 

Along I-77 Southbound at 241 an accident left one lane closed late morning. 

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Ray Horner Podcast - 11/12/2019

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:19 - Remember the $100,000 Pyramid? How about That’s Incredible? Musician and host of the game and talk variety, John Davidson, joined the program to talk about his career on That’s Incredible, going to college in Ohio, and hosting for Johnny Carson.

9:40 - Cavaliers season is underway, and while many are enjoying what they see from the current roster, it’s okay to drive down memory lane. Sportswriter and author Terry Pluto stopped by the studio to promote his new book Vintage Cavs, which covers the team from their opening season at the decrepit Cleveland Arena through their years at the Richfield Coliseum.

18:46 - Hockey commentator Don Cherry has never been one to mince words on other non-hockey issues, but his remarks about Canadian immigrants cost him his job. Ray, Tony, and Kris touched on Cherry’s comments, and if they were teetering on the line of being racist or patriotic.

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Nominate Your NEO Hero With the Red Cross

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The deadline to nominate your local hero for the annual Acts of Courage Awards hosted by the American Red Cross of Northeast Ohio is rapidly approaching!

What constitutes a hero? Well, an ordinary person who has done, or continues to do, extraordinary things. 

Eric Peterson

(Photo Credit: American Red Cross of Northeast Ohio Facebook Page

Take for example Eric Peterson of Atwater who was driving to work on the morning of March 27, 2018, just like any other day... until it wasn't. He noticed smoke coming from a house in his neighborhood, just a few houses from his. When Peterson didn't see anyone standing outside, he knew there had to be people inside and that they probably needed help. 

That's when he jumped into action and saved the lives of a family he'd never met prior to that day. 

Hear the interview with Eric Peterson, 2019 recipient of the Acts of Courage Award.  

If there is someone in your life who you feel deserves the title of NEO Hero, then click here to submit their name in the running for the 2020 Acts of Courage Awards on March 5th on March 5th. The deadline to submit is December 31st, so act fast! 


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Ray Horner Podcast - 11/11/2019

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:19 - Could the Democratic presidential race get more interesting with Michael Bloomberg entering the race? The panel on the morning show talked about how viable Bloomberg can be not only against a fellow billionaire in Donald Trump, but his in-party rivals in Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden, and Elizabeth Warren.

6:36 - The Browns somehow, someway came up with a 19-16 victory over the Buffalo Bills. Ray and Tony recapped the game, which was nice to see, though they believe the poor coaching continues to hold them back.

10:08 - Our veterinarian Dr. Gary Riggs stopped by the answer questions about limping and coughing with dogs.

17:54 - Today is Veterans Day, and Ray gives a big salute to all those who served and how the reaction towards veterans have improved over time, even if there’s still some things to work on.

20:56 - This week marks 50 years of Sesame Street? Was that a part of your life in some way, either as a child, parent, or grandparent?

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Veterans Day Deals!

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Click here for a list of restaurants where you can get a Veterans Day discount. 

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