Ray Horner Show

Dr. Mark Cassell Previews Tuesday's Election

2022-11-07 93.5FM WAKR

Dr. David Beer Previews Tuesday's Midterms

2022-11-07 93.5FM WAKR

Film School: Cool Hand Luke

2022-11-04 93.5FM WAKR

It's National Adoption Month!

2022-11-04 93.5FM WAKR

It's Time for the Red Kettle Campaign Kickoff!

2022-11-03 93.5FM WAKR

Terry Pluto Talks Cleveland Sports with Ray

2022-11-02 93.5FM WAKR

Ohio Senate Candidate Tim Ryan

2022-11-01 93.5FM WAKR

Ohio Senate Candidate JD Vance

2022-10-31 93.5FM WAKR

Film School: Psycho

2022-10-28 93.5FM WAKR

New Cameras in Akron Already Paying Off & More with Mayor Horrigan

2022-10-27 93.5FM WAKR

World Stroke Day: Stroke Education

2022-10-26 93.5FM WAKR

Dr. Bigham on RSV in Children

2022-10-25 93.5FM WAKR

Dr. Plate on Diabetes & the Holiday Season

2022-10-25 93.5FM WAKR

Sierjie Lash on Fire Safety

2022-10-24 93.5FM WAKR

Film School: Reservoir Dogs

2022-10-21 93.5FM WAKR

Cyber Security Tips with Dr. John Nicholas

2022-10-21 93.5FM WAKR

Decorating for Halloween: Dos and Don'ts

2022-10-20 93.5FM WAKR

Hey Bobby! Season Review 10.19.22

2022-10-19 93.5FM WAKR

All About Vaccines: Covid, Flu, Pneumonia, and More!

2022-10-18 93.5FM WAKR

Medicare Open Enrollment, What You Need to Know

2022-10-17 93.5FM WAKR