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Ed George on His Decision to Sell The Tangier Featured

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The Tangier Concert Hall The Tangier Concert Hall
If you have lived in the Akron area at some point these last six decades, chances are you’ve attended a concert, banquet, wedding, or some type of event at The Tangier. Soon, a new generation of kids will have their opportunity to make memories there, as well.

Ed George is the owner of the Tangier, at least for now, and he joined the Ray Horner Morning Show to talk about the sale of his business and facility to the LeBron James Family Foundation. Rather than just a concert and banquet hall with a restaurant, the complex will also house an athletic area, a bank, a new restaurant, and other amenities.

After 65 years, from the days on East Exchange over to West Market, George says it was a “tough decision” to sell, but it “had to be done.” According to George, the plan to sell dated back before the pandemic, but he is happy to see the LJFF take it over, as both the Tangier and LeBron James have invested heavily in the Akron community.

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