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UPDATE: 100 Cars Involved in Rt. 8 Pile Up Featured

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UPDATE: A few more details from Tuesday's massive pile-up on Route 8 in Hudson, as officials now say that 25 people were transported to nearby hospitals with varying injuries. Still none that were life-threatening.

Now, the estimated number of cars involved are more like 100, opposed to the 60 initially reported by the City of Hudson.

Reports are that 60 of those nearly 100 vehicles had to be towed, and that 41 are a total loss.


Major pile-up along Route 8 North before Route 303 in Hudson started about 3 o'clock with a car that spun out, causing a chain reaction that involved more than 60 cars, according to a release from the city.

Roughly 12 people were taken to area hospitals with varying injuries, none too serious though. Emergency crews from more than 8 surrounding communities responded to the crash that left Route 8 North closed for nearly 4 hours.

The city is asking anyone whose car was towed to call the Hudson Police Department after 8 this morning for more information.


(City of Hudson) While we do not have many details at this point, here is updated information on the crash on Rt. 8.


  • The crash occurred around 3 pm this afternoon. Initial determination is that the incident was weather related due to icy road surfaces.
  • More than 60 vehicles involved
  • Approximately 12 individuals transported to area hospitals (exact number and who went where are not available at this time)
  • None of the injuries appeared life-threatening.
  • We anticipate SR 8 northbound to be open within the next ½ hour.
  • We called in mutual aid from more than 8 surrounding jurisdictions to help with the incident.


You can help us by asking any individuals who where involved in the crash to come to the Hudson Police Department AFTER 8 a.m. tomorrow morning or call HPD at 330-342-1800 tomorrow to obtain information about the location of your vehicle and to provide HPD with your information.

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