Friday, 04 November 2016 17:25

Cedar Point Bet Loss: "Top Thrill Cubster"

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A Cedar Point ride will temporarily have a name that'll sting for Indians fans.

The Sandusky amusement park made a wager with the Six Flags Great America amusement park near Chicago...and since the Cubs won the World Series, Cedar Point will rename "Top Thrill Dragster" to "Top Thrill Cubster"...but only for 2017's opening weekend.

Cedar Point workers also made a video of them singing "Go Cubs Go".


(Cedar Point, Facebook) It wasn't the way we wanted it to end, but we're paying up! Congrats to the Chicago Cubs on their history-making World Series win! In their honor, and to make good on Six Flags Great America/Hurricane Harbor's wager, here's our video. And on 2017's opening weekend, Top Thrill Dragster will be renamed "Top Thrill Cubster". What a great season, Cleveland Indians and Chicago Cubs!

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