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Wadsworth School Lockdown Due To Errant Call

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A mixup with a caller from another city caused the lockdown at Wadsworth High School.

Wadsworth police say a concerned caller from Wellsville, Columbiana County...called Wadsworth police Friday morning, saying her phone alerted her to an intruder inside Wadsworth High School.

There was no intruder and no threat, and the Wadsworth school lockdown ended later in the morning.

There was a mock intruder drill in the caller's hometown of Wellsville.

Wadsworth police won't file any charges against the caller.


(Wadsworth Police Department, news release) The Wadsworth Police Department received a call at 9:39 AM this morning from a woman who had received a message on her phone advising there was an intruder in the Wadsworth High School. The Wadsworth Police and Wadsworth Schools reacted immediately and the high school, the community center and all other Wadsworth schools were placed in a lockdown as a precautionary measure.

Schools officials and police officers searched all of the buildings and determined there was no intruder and no threat to the safety of any students, faculty or staff.

As the Wadsworth Police began to investigate this matter it was determined the original call originated from an area near the Wellsville High School in Wellsville, Ohio. Wadsworth police also discovered that around the time the call was received in Wadsworth the Wellsville High School was doing a mock Intruder drill. At this time it appears the call received by the Wadsworth Police was not intentional and there was never any threat at any of the Wadsworth Schools.

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