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UA Student Graduates -- From Bed

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UA Student Graduates -- From Bed Facebook/University of Akron
Zachary Betscher couldn't come to commencement at the University of Akron, so they brought his hospital bed. Fraternity brothers, Zach's parents and family, and UA officials brought commencement to his hospital bed on Thursday, where he got his diploma in a small ceremony.
Dr. Ravi Krovi, dean of the College of Business Administration, led the ceremony at Akron General Medical Center...with some 25 people packed into Zach's hospital room. "You hate to see somebody miss such a great moment just because of an issue like that, unfortunate issue, for him, health related," Dr. Krovi tells "So, I thought it would be a good idea to go there and surprise him."
Dr. Krovi says the idea first came from Zach's girlfriend and his father. The mini-graduation came complete everyone wearing appropriate attire, and with the singing of the UA alma mater. Krovi says all that was missing were the speeches before the ceremony. As for Zach's condition - he had surgery for appendicitis, but the surgery went was just too soon for him to participate in Friday's ceremony.
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