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This Week in Tech with Jeanne Destro-5-21-21: Space Tourism & Star Trek Inspired 3-D Printed Food

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This week, 3-D printed teeth, and even food for future deep space missions!

Special guests include Ohio 3-D printing device company executives, Makergear LLC Founder & CEO, Rick Pollack, and BeeHex Co-Founder & COO, Ben Feltner.

Makergear LLC is a 3-D printing device manufacturer based in Beachwood, with clients all over the world making everything from custom-fitted teeth to car parts.

Columbus-based BeeHex, makes autonomous 3-D printing bakery equipment, nutrition bars for clients including the US Military, and customized cakes and cookies for consumers in their SugarBot Bakery.

We'll also hear from CBS news about President Biden's visit to a Ford factory this week where they're rolling out new all electric F-150 pickup trucks, how Amazon is pressing pause again on police using their facial recognition technology, and how increasingly popular "space tourism", inspired a Russian filmmaker to make a movie on the International Space station.

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Rick Pollack, Makergear Founder & CEO


Ben Feltner, BeeHex Co-Founder & COO

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