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Recent Train Derailments "Unacceptable": US Senator Sherrod Brown Featured

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Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown says Ohioans "should not be forced to live in fear of another disaster".

This, in response to the Norfolk-Southern train derailment near Springfield, Ohio on Saturday, which, Brown notes, is the fourth one in Ohio, in the past five months. The others occurred in Steubenville, Sandusky, and in East Palestine, which remains the site of an ongoing major toxic disaster.

The derailment near Springfield on Saturday night did not involve a toxic chemical spill, and no one was hurt, though, as you will hear from Senator Brown in the ABC News video clip below; Brown is not entirely convinced there wasn't at least some chemical residue left behind, and he'd like to see that investigated.

Find out more, as Brown talks about derailments and the need for new rail regulations, on "This Week" with ABC News host, George Stephanopoulos:

In other developments related to the East Palestine derailment, Ohio Governor Mike DeWine released an update on Saturday.

Some highlights include that despite what appeared to be greater flow of potentially contaminated water from near the crash site; a dam there did not fail. In addition, Norfolk-Southern Railways employees began dismantling tracks in preparation for removing contaminated soil, but didn't get very far because the ground was too wet from recent rain.

Also, East Palestine officials held an open house for the public at their water treatment plant on Saturday, again telling residents they have not seen any evidence of contamination in municipal water wells.

Click here to read the full update on the Ohio Emergency Management Agency website.

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