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New Money To Fix An Old Problem In Akron Featured

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The City of Akron is celebrating the award of a $960,000 dollar federal transportation grant, which they plan to use to help redevelop the land left vacant by the recent demolition of the old Akron Innerbelt.

It's a project really custom-made for the funding, which is designed to reconnect communities cut off from opportunity because of past transportation infrastructure decisions--which is exactly what happened when the Innerbelt was built, back in the 1960's.

Click here, to read the City's announcement about the award, and click below, to hear a clip from the Ray Horner Morning Show featuring Akron Mayor Dan Horrigan talking about why he's so excited about the possibilities the grant opens up for the city.

To learn more about the Innerbelt, check out the the City of Akron's new Innerbelt History Collection, which includes a compilation of audio and video recordings, photographs, and maps, and tells the story of the neighborhoods that were displaced by the old roadway.

 The Akron-Summit County Public Library has made accessing all the information free, easy, and just a click away, at
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