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COVID-19 Updates from Local Leaders and Experts Featured

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Hear from the experts on how the COVID-19 coronavirus courtesy of the Ray Horner Morning Show:

Akron Public Schools Superintendent David James - Returning to school this Fall. (6-4-20) 

Val Renner - Akron Civic Theatre - The pandemic's impact on the local music scene. (5-29-20) 

Richard Peterson - Capital Financial - Market instability and volatility during the pandemic. (5-29-20) 

Jeff WIlhite - Summit County Council - Local nursing home reform group. (5-28-20) 

Dr. Cathy Faye - University of Akron Psychologist - Online misinformation groups. (5-28-20) 

Donna Skoda - Summit County Public Health Director - Contact tracing and testing for COVID-19. (5-28-20) 

U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown - Helping workers affected by the pandemic. (5-28-20) 

Representative Tavia Galonski - The Workers Protection Act. (5-27-20) 

Dr. Toni Cooper - Psychologist - Stress during and after lockdowns. (5-27-20) 

Mark Gerberich - CEO International Soap Box Derby - The cancelation of this year's event due to the pandemic. (5-27-20) 

Steve McGarrity - Community Legal Aid Services - Evictions during the pandemic. (5-27-20) 

Steve Millard - The Greater Akron Chamber - Reopening Akron. (5-27-20) 

Dr. Thomas File - Summa Health - Antibodies and vaccines. - (5-27-20) 

Ty Higgins - Ohio Farm Bureau - The pandemic's impact on Ohio farmers and the industry as a whole. (5-26-20) 

Verrelle Wyatt & Nicole Gareri-David - Akron Marathon/PLX Running Club - Virtual running clubs. (5-26-20) 

Pamela Barnes - Cuyahoga Valley National Park - The importance of exercise and park attendance. (5-26-20) 

Dr. Mark Cassell - Kent State University - US vs. the World in fighting the pandemic. (5-26-20) 

Summit County Public Health Commissioner Donna Skoda - Health regulations for restaurants, the upcoming holiday weekend, and more. (5-21-20) 

Akron Mayor Dan Horrigan - Working with local restaurants to help make the reopening process as smooth as possible. (5-21-20) 

Congressman Tim Ryan - Reopening Ohio and the state of manufacturing in the state. (5-20-20) 

Dr. Thomas File - Summa Health Infectious Disease - COVID-19 vaccines and hydroxychloroquine. (5-20-20) 

Dr. Brian Harte -Cleveland Clinic Akron General - New COVID-19 testing site coming to downtown Akron. (5-20-20) 

Dr. Stacy Willett - University of Akron Professor of Emergency Management and Homeland Security - Sweeping preparedness for all disasters, not just one. (5-19-20)  

Dr. Erin Makarius - University of Akron - Working from home. (5-18-20) 

Lieutenant Serji Lash - Akron Fire Department - Fire safety amid the pandemic. (5-18-20) 

Larry Williams - University of Akron Athletic Director - The announcement that the school is cutting three sports to balance the budget. (5-15-20) 

Barberton Mayor Bill Judge - The city's plan to weather the pandemic and beyond. (5-15-20) 

Lieutenant Governor Jon Husted - More on the reopening of Ohio businesses, recreation areas, and more. (5-15-20) 

Akron Mayor Dan Horrigan - An update on what cuts needed to be made to the city's budget due to the pandemic. (5-14-20) 

Jerry Craig - ADM Board - Mental Health and Addiction Treatment continuing through the pandemic. (5-14-20) 

Lisa Dalpiaz - Akron Canton Airport - Safety measures being taken at the airport. (5-14-20) 

John Barker - Ohio Association of Restaurants - What to expect as Ohio restaurants reopen. (5-13-20) 

Bill Roemer - State Representative out of Summit County - A look at the current state of Ohio's economy. (5-13-20) 

Raven Gayheart - Akron Canton Regional Food Bank - There have been long lines at food banks across the state recently. (5-13-20) 

Dr. Tara Smith - Kent State University - The science of a pandemic. (5-13-20) 

Dr. Cliff Deveny - President and CEO Summa Health Systems - A word of caution as we start reopening businesses amid the pandemic. (5-13-20)  

Marco Sommerville - City of Akron - What to expect for the city and small businesses that are slowly reopening. (5-12-20) 

David James - Akron Public Schools Superintendent - Wrapping up the 2019-2020 school year and looking forward to summer, fall sessions. (5-12-20) 

Dr. Debbie Plate - Cleveland Clinic Akron General - An update on symptoms of COVID-19. (5-12-20)  

Gregg Mervis - Akron/Summit Visitors Convention Bureau - Reopening Akron and what's left as far as summer events in the area. (5-11-20) 

Dr. Toni Bisconti - University of Akron - Depression and substance abuse during the pandemic. (5-11-20) 

Dr. David Beer - Malone University - President Donald Trump's response to the pandemic and the repeal of Obamacare. (5-11-20)  

Akron Mayor Dan Horrigan - Reopening Akron the smartest and safest way. (5-8-20) 

Patrick DeHaan - - Gas prices rising once again. (5-8-20) 

Dr. Joseph Lahorra - Cleveland Clinic Akron General - Heart procedures moving forward during the pandemic. (5-8-20) 

Dr. Margo Erme - The history of pandemics in the U.S. (5-7-20) 

Senator Sherrod Brown - Reopening Ohio and the government stimulus plan. (5-7-20) 

Patrick Bravo - President of the Akron School Board - The impact the state cuts will have on APS. (5-7-20) 

Dr. Kevin Kern - University of Akron History Professor - The importance of vaccine trials. (5-7-20) 

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine - More on the Responsible Restart Ohio plan that's being rolled out across the state. (5-6-20) 

Dr. R. Joel Duff - University of Akron - The bioscience of COVID-19. (5-6-20)

Dr. Thomas File - President of the Infectious Disease Society in Ohio - Remdesivir trials showing promise. (5-6-20)

Congressman Tim Ryan - How he's working getting more federal funding funneled to Ohio and the U.S. - China relationship. (5-5-20) 

Bruce Alexander - Ohio Board of Education - How the state is handling high school athletics and what to expect this Fall. (5-5-20) 

Dr. Debbie Plate - Cleveland Clinic Akron General - Setting appointments and how procedures will continue after reopening. (5-5-20)  

David James - Akron Public Schools Superintendent - An update on virtual instruction throughout the district. (5-5-20) 

Joe Mazur - The Ohio Valley Scenic Railroad - The cancelation of departures through the Summer and the plan going forward. (5-5-20) 

Dr. Lori Varlotta - President Hiram College - The struggle for small colleges. (5-4-20) 

Brian Caperones - Guidance Counselor North High School - The Challenges that counselors are dealing with in helping students preparing for college. (5-4-20) 

David Bon - Cleveland Clinic Akron General Grief Counselor - Dealing with grief and loss during the pandemic. (5-4-20)

Dr. Donald Dumford - Cleveland Clinic - Akron General - The importance of masks and social distancing. (5-1-20) 

Dr. Rob McGregor - Akron Children's Hospital - Changes being made at the hospital during the pandemic. (5-1-20) 

Ren Camacho - Akron-Canton Airport - How the airport is adapting amid the pandemic. (5-1-20) 

Dr. Toni Bisconti - University of Akron Department of Psychology - Dealing with grief and not being able to see sick family members. (5-1-20) 

Ty Higgins - Ohio Farm Bureau - Pandemic stress on the farming industry in Ohio. (5-1-20) 

Akron Mayor Dan Horrigan - Some city workers will be back on the job and how the city's doing with the loss of revenue. (4-30-20) 

Don Padgett - Executive Director for the Bridgestone Senior Players Championship - Tour dates moved back and the possibility for spectators at the Akron event. (4-30-20) 

Scott Callahan - Wadsworth High School teacher - How the approach to teaching our kids has changed due to COVID-19. (4-30-20) 

Dana Addis - Superintendent for Norton City Schools - Adaptations in education amid the pandemic. (4-30-20) 


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