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COVID-19 Updates from Local Leaders and Experts Featured

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Hear from the experts on how the COVID-19 coronavirus courtesy of the Ray Horner Morning Show: 

Governor Mike DeWine - An update from the statehouse on the preparation for the surge in Ohio. (3-31-20)

Dr. Debbie Plate - University of Akron - Distinguishing between COVID-19 symptoms and allergies or other illnesses. (3-31-20) 

Dr. Cliff Deveny - Summa Health Systems - How local hospitals are preparing for the surge of COVID-19 patients. (3-30-20) 

Dr. George Dagnino - An update on how Italy is coping and recovering. (3-30-20) 

Doug Klein - BDO - Taxes and the stimulus. (3-30-20) 


Katie Swartz - Director of Marketing for Acme Fresh Markets on how the stores are staying sanitized and stocked. (3-27-20) 

Leanne Graham - President and CEO of the Victim Assistance Program of Summit County on handling domestic violence cases amid the Stay At Home Order.  (3-27-20)

(Please note: The Victim Assistance 24 Hour hotline number is 330-376-0040. 24 hour Text line: 330-376-0040, 24 hour Online chat:

Eric Garrett - Beyond Expectations Barber College on the effect of the pandemic on his industry. (3-26-20)

Dan Flowers - Akron Canton regional Food Bank - Update on Food Bank's supply and their need. (3-26-20) 

Dr. Toni Bisconti - University of Akron Professor of Psychology - What impact the pandemic is having on your mental health. (3-26-20) 

Akron Mayor Dan Horrigan - An update from the City's approach to COVID-19. (3-26-20) 

Ren Camacho - CAK - The effect on the travel industry and our local airport. (3-26-20) 

Mark Cassel - Kent State Professor of Political Science - Relationships between the world's biggest governments, primarily the U.S. and China. (3-26-20)  

Senator Sherrod Brown - The stimulus package. (3-26-20) 

Dr. Toni Cooper - Akron-area psychologist and author discussin the psychological impact of quarantine. (3-25-20) 

Amanda Hayes - Joann Fabrics is answering the call for medical supplies from the healthcare industry. (3-25-20)

Dr. Kevin Kern - History Professor with the University of Akron - A history of Akron companies transitioning into "wartime" mode during times of crisis. (3-24-20)


Lindsay Smith with the Summit Metro Parks - An update on the daily operation of the parks system and the importance of getting out amid the pandemic. (3-24-20) 


Greater Akron Chamber CEO Steve Millard - Resources available for local small business owners during shutdown. (3-23-20) 

Matt Aloisi, Owner of the UPS Store in Stow - Package delivery and pick-up during the "Stay at Home" order. (3-23-20) 

Science Teacher Leora Cohen, from The Lippman School in Akron, talks to Ray about what it's like to "shelter at home" while conducting classes for her middle school students--from a very safe distance.

Akron School Board President Patrick Bravo - Teachers getting back to work while students remain on extended break. (3-20-20) 

Congressman Tim Ryan - What the federal stimulus package means for local businesses. (3-20-20) 


Community Legal Aide Steve McGarrity - Clearing up some confusion surrounding late rent or mortgage payments amid the COVID-19 pandemic. (3-20-20) 


Mayor Dan Horrigan - Update on the measures being taken by the City of Akron to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 coronavirus. (3-19-20) 


County Executive Ilene Shapiro and Chief of Staff Greta Johnson updating from the County on COVID-19. (3-19-20) 

Akron Public Schools Director of Children Services and Registered Dietitian Becky Fox - Meal distribution to students who are on mandatory break from school in Akron. (3-19-20) 


Dr. Debbie Plate with the Cleveland Clinic Akron General - Preexisting conditions and COVID-19 coronavirus. (3-19-20) 

Robert Dodaro - Prism Wealth Management - Explaining more on the economic impact as the COVID-19 pandemic grows. (3-19-20) 

University of Akron President, Dr. Gary Miller, talks about how the Coronavirus pandemic is changing University operations, for example; delaying graduation ceremonies this year. (3-18-20)

CBS News Correspondent, Pamela Falk, is at the United Nations in New York City, and talks about the impact the COVID-19 pandemic is having all over the world. (3-18-20)

News 5 Consumer Reporter, Jonathan Walsh, talks about how people are shopping-and in some cases; hoarding, as they try to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic. (3-18-20)

Dr. Margo Erme, Infectioius Disease Specialist, (retired) formerly with the Summit County Public Health Department. (3-18-20)


Daniel Blahnik, who is with Bactronix of Ohio, talks about his company's focus on cleaning homes and businesses, with a focus on viruses, bacteria, and mold. (3-18-20)

John MacDonald - Director of Student Recreation & Wellness Services at UA, talking about what people working from home can do to stay fit and healthy. (3-18-20)

Summa Health CEO Dr. Cliff Deveny, on what Summa is doing to prepare for patients with COVID-19, challenges with getting testing done, and how people can get tested. (3-17-20)

 Christy Peters from the American Red Cross, on how the Coronavirus pandemic is causing blood donations to drop, and why they need more. (3-17-20)

Lt. Sierjie Lash, from the Akron Fire Department, on how EMS is handling patients with COVID-19, and the special challenges it may present. (3-17-20)


Tech Expert, Mark Welfly, on the challenges of working from home. (3-17-20)


Tim Stried, from the OHSAA talks about the effect the Coronavirus pandemic is having on high school sports. (3-17-20)


Tim Dimoff SACS Consulting - COVID-19 threat to National Security 

Dr. Terry O'Sullivan - University of Akron - What is a pandemic? 

Dr. Thomas File - Summa Health System Infectious Disease

Greg Mervis - Summit County Visitors Bureau - Local economic impact 


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