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CONTAMINATED WATER: Village of Windham Featured

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(Portage County Health) The Village of Windham is issuing a water use advisory for sensitive populations experiencing discolored water.  Infants (one year and younger) and nursing or pregnant women should not drink the water.  

Bottled water is available at the Windham Fire Station. If you are unable to pick up water, please call the Windham Fire Station at 330-326-2225.

What should I do?

 INFANTS (less than 1 year) AND NURSING OR PREGNANT WOMEN SHOULD NOT DRINK THE WATER; An alternative water should be used for drinking, making infant formula, making ice, and preparing food.

 Healthy adults may continue to drink the water, use the water for bathing, washing hands and washing dishes. The water may be used for flushing toilets.

 Bottle fed infants and children younger than school age must be supervised while bathing to prevent accidental ingestion of water.

 Do not boil the water. Boiling the water will not destroy manganese.

 Consuming water containing manganese may result in damage to the central nervous system.


What happened? What is being done?

The Village of Windham is providing bottled water which is available at the Village Fire Station for pickup.  Village officials are taking the necessary steps to correct the problem as soon as possible.

Manganese has entered the distribution system at amounts above health advisory levels due to inadequate treatment.  The Village of Windham water system is making adjustments to its treatment processes to help reduce manganese levels. Officials are working closely with local and state public health agencies to address and resolve the situation. Officials will keep residents informed as the situation is resolved.

For more information, please contact the Village Utility Clerk at 330-326-2622.

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