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Black Iron Grille
2018-11-26, 13:12
Helene has been extremely helpful in ensuring we expanded our demographic reach. We've noticed a sharp differentiation in our guest demographic and a … read more
Chrissy Gashash
2018-11-21, 07:13
Helene has been super helpful with our advertising and is mindful of our target markets and goals. I truly appreciate her enthusiasm and … read more
2018-11-16, 16:01
Helene,Thank You so much for helping us with our radio AD. We actually had Fun! We will definately be doing more business with your station because … read more
Fred Franks
2018-08-06, 14:25
WAKR/WONE have been in our corner, helping us grow. They are local, love the community and want us to prosper. That's a great combination. Here's to … read more
Brian A. Canale
2018-08-03, 05:00
We have advertised on WAKR for over 20 years. A lot has changed over the year.
But our customers still tune in for the Indians and Morning Show … read more
Nancy @ Copley Feed
2018-08-02, 14:45
  Helena has been a wonderful addition to your staff. I have really enjoyed working with her to promote Copley Feed.
2018-06-19, 13:10
Sam Lane helped me promote my videography business. The radio spot was perfect and it resulted in additional business which was the goal. Thanks Sam … read more
2018-06-08, 11:48
Thank you Helene, TK and the entire Wone team for making the Galaxy Patio Party the coolest spot in town! We have worked with the Wone team for over … read more
Gaurav Aggarwal
2018-06-08, 09:37
We are very happy to partner with WAKR and WONE. They have helped us grow WINGSTOP brand in Akron area. Dominic Rozzo and his team has a done a great … read more
A Way of Life Hair & Health Center
2018-05-14, 18:22
It has been a pleasure working with Sam Lane and the rest of the team! Sam has helped me put together wonderful advertising campaigns while making … read more
Santangelo Catering & Party Center
2018-04-16, 14:00
I would just like to say that Sam Lane with WONE has been very helpful with keeping my cost down and giving me a lot of bang for my buck. I truly … read more



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