Michael Fete

craigMichael is an innovative broadcast catalyst with 30 years (21 at RCRG) of proven performance in Sales, Promotions & Management. He’s conceived, authored and enacted many of the most recognizable campaigns heard on WONE/WAKR. Highly successful sales promotions such as Tailgate Triumph, Treat Me Like A Rock Star, 4 On the Floor, and The Best Seats in The House. Fete began his career on-the-air and his decade of duty included successful stints at a number of area radio stations. He earned several broadcast awards (Associated Press, Canton Ad Fed, etc.) and honed a keen perspective on how to effectively engage listeners and generate a response. Which begs a question for business owners and decision makers, “Are you marketing to Consumers or Devices?” Our digital world offers many new ways to promote your goods and services, but ROI is still derived by consistently reaching and motivating Your Target Customers. The Human Voice remains one of the most powerful Tools of Persuasion in our personal and professional lives. How often have you heard, “Word of Mouth is our best referral?” Radio amplifies Word of Mouth! Michael takes great solace in his volunteer work with the homeless & hunger outreach mission of Canton’s Christ The Servant Parish. He’s a two-time past president of his homeowner's association and more importantly the happily married Father of 3 college graduates, each embarking on their own careers.

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